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Deadline for Wyoming deer and antelope applications is May 31. We have unguided openings on private ranches for antelope at $1,800 and mule deer at $3,000 (combos at $4,300). Accommodations included.


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Highlighted Hunts

Colorado mule deer in 2018

Private land east of Montrose. 160-180" bucks More

Kansas whitetail

Great place for wall-hanger bucks. Private farm/ranch land. More

Acreage near Montrose, CO

80% hunter success. Mostly 5x5 to 320-class 6x6 bulls


Sonora mule deer

65,000 acres, beachside condo quarters, 190 B&C average More

Alberta black bear

Remote lodge, big bears. More

New Zealand preserve elk

2,500-acre estate, can combo with red stag and other species More

Colorado archery elk rut hunt

Private land, over-the-counter tags, seasoned outfitters. elk bow More

Lodge-based brown bear

High success on 8-9' bears.


New Mexico tags available

Not too late to book NM elk hunts. Landowner tags. More

Colorado private land

Hsigh success on 5x5 and 6x6 bulls More