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Our company can you book you on almost any hunting trip possible. A few examples: African safaris, grizzly bear hunts in Canada or Alaska, exotic hunts in Texas, or hunting expeditions for Dall sheep, wild turkey, whitetail deer, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, Roosevelt or Rocky Mountain elk.

Our network of outfitters and guided hunting trips gives us the ability to put every one of our clients on a hunting trip they always dreamed of experiencing with an excellent chance of bringing home a trophy to ensure that you remember your experience.

Unlike many booking agents, we offer help to hunters seeking help on unguided and semi-guided hunting opportunities as well, and we often can find you a landowner voucher if you want to hunt a unit that normally requires you to draw a tag in a computerized lottery.

We are avid hunters ourselves and know what it takes to have a successful all around hunting trip.  We strive to match up each guest and hunt provider so that all our customers have a great experience.

If you are looking to hunt whitetail deer, antelope, mule deer, elk and want to travel to experience a different terrain, Hunts Net has information you can use.

Big Game Hunting News

March 2015

Colorado muzzleloader elk hunt

This is an excellent opportunity for a single hunter who wants to experience hunting for trophy-size bull elk during the peak of the bugling season. The outfitter takes only one blackpowder hunter per year on 1,000 private acres where the elk on a major mountain come to rut. Bulls score 300 to 370 Boone and Crockett points.

The hunter who took this hunt the past two years shot a 330 bull on the first day in 2012 and then saw much bigger bulls, so he rebooked for 2013. Last year he saw big bulls again but couldn't resist shooting a lesser six-point that came to a bugle at a range of only 10 yards. One bull on the property last year probably would have scored about 370 points. This ranch is too small for a hunter who wants to hike a lot and hunt hard all day. The outfitter is careful not to pressure the elk so much that they leave the ranch.

"Ideally we would like an older guy with patience," the outfitter said. "We hunt in the mornings and evenings, but we do not follow the elk to their bedding grounds. If the wind is not right and the situation is not right, we don't want to rush in there and spook the elk.

"We have a lot of really nice bulls that come down onto the ranch. It's ideal habitat with aspens, timber and meadows. This is where the elk go to chase each other around and bugle and rut. There's a lot of bugling activity.

"The hunt takes place during the muzzleloader season, which is during the latter part of the bow season in September here in Colorado. We take only one hunter because we know we can show him a great hunt. It's a fun, relaxing hunt, and we can depend on the elk to be here because we pressure the property so lightly."

The price is $6,000. The price includes a landowner voucher so that you can buy a tag without needing to draw a tag in the annual computer lottery. The price does not include motel accommodations in Evergreen or restaurant meals. There is no camping on the ranch. The hunter will have his own personal guide. Hunt No. EKML3883ME.

Gallery of big Utah archery-killed mule deer

Photo courtesy of Deseret News

Two slots for big whitetail deer in Kansas

This hunt has produced five bucks grossing over 200 B&C points in the past three seasons and several others scoring in the 180s and 190s. The outfitter doesn't allow hunters to take bucks that score less than 150 B&C points. We have two openings for rifle or muzzleloader in 2015. $3,500 semiguided, $4,500 guided. We've worked with the outfitter for about 10 years after Hunts.Net Consultant Rich LaRocco hunted with him.

British Columbia outfitter offers elk/moose combo

One of our favorite outfitters just bought a new area that is known for producing big elk and moose. Bull elk typically score 300 but occasionally exceed 370. Moose are usually in the 45-55" range. This hunt is $8,900 plus $4,000 if you shoot both a moose and an elk.

Alberta moose and whitetail available

We have four moose openings for 2015 on our favorite Alberta hunt. Price is $6,000 with one hunter per guide. The outfitter has produced 100% hunter success almost every year for the past 10 years. Two of the openings take place on land behind locked gates. We have the only two nonresident tags in the entire zone. The same outfitter has a highly successful whitetail deer trophy hunt for $5,000 with two hunters per guide, and he has four openings in 2015. He has been 100% for years on deer and had only one hunter fail to kill a moose in recent years. Ask about Hunts MS5209 and WD5209.

Alaska mountain goat

We have openings this year for our popular mountain goat hunts in Alaska at $9,000 a person. Details.

Alaska black bear hunt by boat

Spring black bear hunts on Prince of Wales Island are full for 2014. Booking 2015 now at $4,250 a person, still a great price for a high-quality hunt. You don't need to draw a tag if you book through an outfitter. Details

Eastern Colorado trophy whitetail deer

Excellent opportunity at 150 to 180-class bucks. Outfitter wants selective hunters who will not shoot bucks that score less than 150 Boone and Crockett points. The hunt takes place in Unit 132. The oufitter takes two hunters starting Dec. 1 two others starting Dec. 8.

"This is seriously an excellent chance at a 150 or better buck," the outfitter said. "We take a maximum of eight people a year on the ranch and target only the biggest bucks. We take only two hunters at a time——two each during two archery hunts and two each during two rifle hunts. The bow hunts can take place during the rut in November. We take the rifle hunters during the late season because that's when the big bucks are out. It's a helluva hunt. We're are shooting deer that are 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 years old although we won't complain if a 5 1/2-year-old steps out if he's a big one.

"This is not your typical place where you have a bunch of hunters after the same deer. We take only the number of hunters that we're confident we can satisfy with a great hunt. That's why we produce the deer we do. Last year we had two muzzleloader hunters. One of the got a buck that scored 156, and the other hit and lost one of the best deer we had been seeing. He scored in the high 170s and possible in the low 180s. We had two rifle hunters, and they got a 158 and a 156. Most guys can't seem to hold off on bucks of that size, but there are bigger deer. We had two bowhunters last year, and one of them hit and lost a tremendous eight-point with split G2 points, and that buck would have scored in the high 160s or low 170s. I think that deer survived because of where he hit it and the way it was acting later. The other bowhunter was holding out for a whitetail that would score 180 or better, and he passed on a number of really nice bucks.

We had two late season rifle hunters last year, and they got a deer we called the Sky Buck, which was a really old, heavy buck. He had massive antlers. The buck probably scored only in the 150s because he had an eight-point frame. He had 22 inches of mass on each antler. He is mounting that buck even though he already had nine mounted bucks and had told his wife he wouldn't mount another one. But it's so massive and heavy that it deserves a place on his wall. The buck probably weighed 325 pounds on the hoof. The second late season rifle hunter got a 158 with two broken points, and that deer would have scored about 176 Boone and Crockett points if it weren't for those broken tines."

Price is $6,000 a person with one hunter per guide. Hunt WDML3883132. For details text Mark at 801-709-9279.

Alberta black bear hunt for spring 2015

This hunt is $3,000 plus a $500 trophy fee on the second bear. We've taken this hunt ourselves and think it's a great value. The average bear is about six feet squared, but most years several seven-footers are taken. Lodging is in wall tents with wooden floors. A shower tent is provided. Hunting is over bait. Fishing for northern pike is available. Meals are included. The outfitter can pick you up and drop you off in Edmonton. One member of our group booked a whole week for eight hunters this year. Hunt BLML5247.

Our $3,500 private land elk hunt near Trinidad, Colorado has four openings for 2015. Two elk-only openings are available for the first season, and two elk/deer combos are open for the second rifle season. Combo hunts are an extra $1,500.

Hunt trophy mule deer this fall in Utah

One opening for prime date for trophy mule deer hunt on Utah CWMU

Free-range New Zealand red deer only $6,250

We have openings for red deer and tahr in 2014 and 2015 in free-range areas as well as red stag in intensively managed preserves. You also can combine your stag hunt with a hunt for tahr, chamois and fallow deer or with a fishing trip for trout or ocean game fish. Details.

Our northern Alberta black bear hunt

Some current openings

An eastern Wyoming ranch in Unit 17, where over-the-counter tags are currently, has openings for three antelope hunters. Rifle hunting is available between Oct. 1 and 14, archery in late September. $1,000 a person.

Book our most popular New Mexico antelope hunt now for 2015.

Private land elk hunt in good area in Utah, $4,500/person for a party of three. Bow, rifle or blackpowder.

Hunt Dall sheep with one of our long-time Alaska outfitters, who also guides for moose and grizzly.

Book mountain lion hunts now to get the best spots next winter. We have good hunts for $4,000 to $4,500.

Alberta hunt offers high success on trophy moose