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Alberta horseback outfitter has openings for bighorn sheep, elk, moose, and two-deer combo hunts -- bow or rifle

This outfitter offers horseback hunts for sheep, elk, moose, whitetail deer and mule deer. We have not worked with this outfitter, and the statistics below were given to Hunts.Net by the outfitter. We advise hunters to get references. We have heard one of his guides is especially good for sheep hunting.

Bighorn sheep: Most rams score in the 160s with bigger rams most years scoring in the 170s and sometimes in the 180s or better. Hunts are 14 days long. You'll be picked up in Edmonton and taken to the hunting camp by truck. From there you'll hunt daily by horseback. This hunt takes place in a unit known for producing some of the biggest rams in Canada near the Cadomin mine, but the outfitter likes to hunt areas away from the mine, scouting extensively for bands of sheep that the locals are not bothering. He employs four spike camps. He owns, rather than leases, the tag allotment. The outfitter and one guide do the guiding. His guide has killed two 190-class rams himself. "Guys who can walk have an advantage on this hunt," he said. "We've had guys who weren't in the best of shape, and we do OK because we do a lot of the travel by horse, but we would prefer guys who can hike when necessary. Also, you should be able to shoot well enough that you can make a 400-yard shot if needed." Hunter success varies, depending partly on weather but mostly on how hard the hunter can hunt.

Elk rifle: Most bulls score 300 to 350 B&C, but one year the outfitter's four hunters got three bulls scoring 350 to 363 B&C. You'll hunt daily by horseback from a tent camp reached by truck. The rifle hunt opens Sept. 17 and runs six days. You might be able to add a mule deer at very little additional cost. You'll be picked up in Calgary for this hunt.

Elk bow: The outfitter has two archery elk tags. This six-day hunt begins Sept. 10. There are some big bulls in the area, and hunting during the rut offers the chance to have one called in close. The outfitter is pricing this hunt to sell.

Moose/mule deer archery combo: This hunt takes place out of the outfitter's sheep camp. You'll hunt by horseback, occasionally traveling by truck instead. The hunt starts Sept. 10 or 17, your choice. The outfitter prefers Sept. 17 because the moose are more likely to be receptive to calling. He has been as high as 100 percent on moose, and deer should be considered more a bonus animal in the area where this particular hunt takes place.

Whitetail/mule deer combo: You can take two bucks on this hunt -- a whitetail and a muley. Hunter success is usually good. In 2006 he had four hunters, and they all killed two bucks apiece, and every buck scored more than 150 B&C, even the whitetails. This hunt takes place in a unit where all resident muley tags are issued through a computer lottery. The non-resident quota is sold through the outfitter, so you don't need to draw a permit. The outfitter has produced whitetails as large as 191 B&C and has produced two muleys in the 200 class. You'll stay in a trail riding lodge with propane-heated cabins. This hunt takes place in November. The area is quite open due to a large forest fire seven or eight years ago. Much of the burned timber was subsequently logged, creating an abundance of deer forage and making the area ideal for glassing. You can take a wolf if you see one. There are wild horses in the area, so the whitetails are quite unafraid of horses, the outfitter said, making horseback hunting effective. You'll be picked up in Calgary.

Hunt BS5214
Hunt Price per person
Bighorn sheep, 14 days $call
Elk rifle, 6 days $call (may include mule deer at the cost of the tag)
Elk bow, 6 days $call (may include mule deer at the cost of the tag)
Moose/mule deer bow, 6 days $call
Mule deer/whitetail two-deer combo rifle $call
Hunter success Included in hunt price
3 for 4 on sheep, 4 for 4 on elk rifle, 1 for 1 on moose bow, 4 for 4 on combo muley/ whitetail rifle. Guide service, meals, accommodations, shuttle service to either Calgary or Edmonton airport.
Accommodations License

Sheep, moose archery and elk hunts are from a wall tent camp that can be reached by truck. You'll hunt by horseback. The November deer hunts are run from a riding lodge. You'll still hunt by horseback, but some areas can be reached by truck.

Hunting licenses or tags are not included in the price of the hunt.  You do not need to draw a tag if you're a non-resident. Updated prices.

Trophy size Extras

Rams taken on this hunt typically score 160 to 170 B&C with the bigger rams 175 or bigger. Bull elk taken on this hunt are typically six-point bulls with the bigger bulls scoring over 350 B&C. Mule deer typically score 160 to 180 with a possibility for 200 class. Whitetails typically score 150 to 170 with a possibility of a 180 to 200 class buck.

Not included in the price of the hunt are the Canadian federal sales tax (7%), taxidermy fees, butcher fees. Often you can donate meat to needy local families. Hunting license and tags are not included in hunt prices. Also, you must register your gun upon arrival in Canada, and the fee for that is $30 to $50.