Alberta outfitters offers two bears per hunter in prime trophy area north of Slave Lake

Hunt BL5247

Each hunter may take two bears on this hunt in northern Alberta. The hunt takes place north of Slave Lake, an area where there is virtually no resident hunting pressure.

The outfitter produces a high success rate with most hunters killing two bears. He targets bears from six to seven foot square and typically takes a few exceeding seven foot each year. Some hunters kill smaller bears to ensure that they score or to take color-phase animals.

Dave Openshaw's second bear.

You'll stay in a wall tent camp. The tents have wooden floors, and the cots are full-size professional outfitter models. Meals are included.

Todd Hammond and the outfitter pose with Todd's first bear.

This bear had a nice white chevron. Todd wanted to have the bear mounted life size but decided to save money for his next trip by having it rugged.

Two retired sportsmen from Wisconsin cooked during my trip in 2013, and our party had nothing but good things to say about the food. The outfitter told us he doesn't scrimp on food because it's one thing he can control.

The outfitter had several extra baits, so our party of five hunters had a choice of stands each morning and evening.

The outfitter said about 30 percent of bears are a color other than black., but all the bears we got were black.

Our party consisted of yours truly, my cousin CJ Park, his 17-year-old daughter Sadie, Todd Hammond and Dave Openshaw. The five of us got five bears. Dave also wanted a wolf and bought a wolf license, while I considered the chances of seeing one so low that I opted not to buy a wolf tag. Sure enough, after Dave had killed both his bears, the outfitter took him to a favorite wolf-calling site and howled a female wolf to about 200 yards on the first set. Dave had brought a rifle specifically for wolf and put the wolf down with one shot. The outfitter told us that he has called a total of 22 wolves in for hunters, but they all had missed their shots until Dave made his.

We caught northerns from 23 to 32 inches and lost a big one at the boat when it twisted out of the net. We were guessing that it was about 37 or 38 inches long.

Sadie Park is happy with this average northern pike. We usually caught fish every time we took the boat out on the lake by camp.

Bear hunting over baits can be a bit of a shell game, and I was the one who kept picking the wrong stands. I would sit at a spot, see nothing or a bear outside archery range, and the next shooting period somebody else would sit on that stand and kill a nice bear. I had one opportunity that I blew but had a great time, enjoying all the great characters in camp, fishing for northern pike each day and taking lots of pictures. I even got pix of a small bear that started to climb my tree.

The bear that started to climb my tree.

Hunt, guide ratio black bear bait hunt, 7 days 2x1 .$3,000 + $500 trophy fee on second bear. GST tax, license and tags not included. Hunter success Trophy size Virtually every hunter who wants to do so has taken two bears. >Almost all bears square more than six feet and a few over seven feet. Licenses Lodging/meals Licenses Over the counter. Click here for the latest prices. bgcolor="white" valign="top" align="left" 30" width="57%">Wall tent camp with meals included. Travel Area Airport pickup at Edmonton is included in the price >North of Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada Most hunts are in May. Some are in June. Limit is two bears per hunter. $j500 trophy fee on second bear; no trophy fee on the first bear. You also may hunt wolf and coyote at no extra charwge.

Dave Openshaw brought a fly rod and was very successful in catching fish.

Dave Openshaw's wolf came in the first time the outfitter tried to howl one to rifle range.