Hunt CU4905G

Price: $6,500

Guide ratio: 2x1

Fly regular airline to Kotzebue, then a bush plane to camp. Bush plane fees are included in the price of the hunt.

Licenses and tags: Sold over the counter, not included in hunt price.

Accommodations: Hanson Weatherport tents, GI cots. Meals are included. Generator for charging batteries. Bath/steam room. Propane cook stove and heaters.

Season: Sept. 1-Oct. 10

Trophy size:Most bull caribou are mature animals. Some make book.

Hunter success: Usually 100% each year, but you could get unlucky and pick a time when caribou are not moving

Temperatures: 15-65 F.

Elevations: Less than 2,000 feet.

Bowhunting: Archers are welcome. There's a enough cover to allow stalking in much of the area.

Wolf: No extra charge for wolf or black bear. Tags not included in hunt price.

100 miles above the Arctic Circle

This hunt offers high success in an area where caribou herds are healthy. Most years all hunters take a caribou. There is no extra charge if you take a black bear or wolf. Unlike many caribou hunts, this one includes the charter flights in the price of the hunt.

The caribou come from the largest herd in Alaska, the 545,000-animal Western Arctic herd. About 4% are harvested per year, meaning many bulls have a chance to get old and grow large antlers, occasionally big enough to make the Boone and Crockett Club record book.

Long-time Hunts.Net provider

We've worked with this registered guide since 1987. He runs the operation with his sons, who were born and raised in the area. One of the sons is also a registered guide; the other an associate guide.

The hunting area is accessibly only by airplane. The outfitter has four-wheelers that he uses to range up and down a wide river bottom. The river is high every spring, cleaning out most of the brush and trees. In the fall it looks almost like a wide gravel road. Hunting is by spot-and-stalk, calling or rattling. You can explore up to 20 miles from the main camp, both up and down the river.