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Top outfitter offers high success on Quebec Labrador caribou.

This hunt offers a consistently high success rate on bull caribou, and you can take two of them. The hunt is run by an outfit we've trusted since 1986. We've never known the owner to exaggerate success rates or make promises he couldn't keep. No other outfitter has produced as many record-class heads or has had as many hunters come back, and the reasons are self-evident when you understand the unique features of his hunt. First, he has 28 fully outfitted camps but books up no more than eight at a time. That means he has 20 camps where he can move your party if the unpredictable migrating caribou herds are out of range of your camp. This outfitter has camps that access both of the major caribou herds in Quebec, the Leaf River and George River herds. He keeps his own plane in the air many hours during the season to scout for animals. He hires English speaking guides and keeps satellite phones in each camp. He has consistently moved our customers when weather and aircraft conditions have permitted. According to reports we hear from hunters, some of the other outfitters seldom if ever move hunters despite their advertising. This outfit charges a bit more than some of the competition, but we think the price is justified. The caribou herd in Quebec is constantly changing its migration patterns, which means a specific hunting site could be excellent one year and poor the next, or great one week and devoid of animals the next week. Most outfitters have a limited number of camp sites, and sometimes there are no animals within easy walking or boating range. Our outfitter flies you into a camp that he thinks will produce caribou during your stay, but it's nice to know he'll move you if necessary. All Quebec outfitters, even those who hunt near Ungava Bay, are faced with unpredictable caribou movements. Some outfitters advertise unbelievably high success rates despite their inability to move hunters because of lack of planes, lack of caribou at at other camps, or the unavailability of extra. Also, some outfitters have been arrested for taking clients into areas where they were not permitted. Outfitters are not allowed to drop off customers wherever they please. Caribou taken on such hunts are not allowed in the record books and cannot be transported legally into the U.S. Some outfitters book so many people that they fill all their camps every week, even those prone to poor success. Our outfit has been in the business for more than 25 years and has more than 300 square miles in his area. There is a long list of what is included in the packages, feel free to call us. Hunter success is usually 75 to 90 percent and in good years even higher. Most years several bulls are big enough to make Boone and Crockett. If our outfitter moves you, he sometimes limits you to one caribou. Occasionally weather and aircraft conditions do not permit transporting hunters during their hunt. After you're moved to a new area, sometimes the hunt will be shortened, and services might be different than if you had been able to stay in your main camp. Hunts.Net customer report: "This is Joe Nowak from WI. Bill Reed and I booked a hunt through you with for an Aug. 12th caribou hunt. Just wanted to let you know that both Bill and I scored on two nice bulls each. Each of us took one with bow and one with rifle. The outfitter almost moved us because we weren't seeing anything until the third day. Man, are we glad he didn't. Both Bill and I saw over a thousand bulls in three days. All five guys in camp harvested two bulls. The outfitter and his family are good honest people."

A typical camp house

This Convair 580 flies hunters from Montreal to Schefferville.

The outfitters Cessna 285 is available for safety purposes.

The Pon's River camp.

The outfitter uses boats, such as this Princecraft, to get hunters to good hunting areas.

Update: All 2011 hunts are on hold until provincial officials decide on the best way to help caribou numbers rebound. A closure of the 2011 is a possibility. Call or email if you want to be updated once the decision is made. Don't forget that some of Alaska's herds are doing very well.

Note: Prices below include air flights from Montreal, caribou licenses and the Canadian services taxes.

Hunt CU5603

Hunt Prices per person in 2007/ guide ratio
Unguided, 8 days, including flight days $5,500, 1 camp manager and one boat with motor and gas per six hunters
Semi-guided, 8 days, including flight days $5,900, 2 guides per six hunters, 1 boat with motor and gas per three hunters
Full service, 8 days, including fight days $6,300, 1 guide per two hunters, 1 boat with motor and gas per two hunters
Trophy hunt, 8 days, including flight days $7,500, 1 guide per two hunters, 1 boat with motor and gas per two hunters, plus flights into the two most productive camps
Not included in hunt price Included in hunt price
7 day fishing license $34.35, black bear license $122.91, small game licenses $69.68. Meals and beverages during overnight in Schefferville/Caniapiscau, sleeping bags & towels, accommodations in Montreal, gratuities, meat butchering and vacuum sealing if required in Schefferville or overnight in Montreal ($70.00/caribou). All meals in camp, flights between Montreal and hunting camp, taxes (airport, federal and provincial), two caribou licenses, bear hunting and fishing in season, parking and shuttle service in Montreal, lodging in Schefferville/Caniapiscau, fully equipped camps, boat & motor with unlimited gas, screened meat houses, meat boxes, cheesecloth & cape salt, English speaking guides, radio communication to base, emergency satellite phone, cold storage in Schefferville/Caniapiscau & Montreal, transportation of game to Montreal, topo map of the hunting territory
Licenses Hunt length
Caribou licenses are now included in the price of the hunt. Fishing and bear tags are extra. Click here for prices. Hunts typically last eight days, including flying days, and are all-inclusive from Montreal.
Discounts Extra costs
Available to groups of six or more hunters, students accompanied by a parent, non-hunting companions, and repeat clients of the outfitter. Fishing and bear licenses are extra, along with a $50 charge for transporting the second set of antlers ($100 if not split), accommodations in Montreal, tips, meals in Schefferville if you stay there overnight.
Trophy size Included in price
This outfitter has produced more top- ranking record-class Quebec caribou than anybody else, but your chances of taking a B&C animal are low. Most hunters take average animals scoring 250-325. Federal and provincial taxes, round trip transportation from Montreal to Schefferville and to your hunting areas, federal and provincial taxes, parking and shuttle service in Montreal, lodging in Schefferville, cold storage in Schefferville, use of a boat with unlimited gas, topo map of your hunting territory.
Hunter success rate Lodging
Most years success ranges from 90 to 98%. Cabins or plywood huts with a canvas roof, wood stove, and shower. The outfitter has just added another camp in an area where he found caribou below the 57th parallel, and it will be a tent camp.
Dates Notes
Aug. 17 to Oct. 1. Best time varies from year to year, but consider that fishing ends about Sept. 7, and caribou shed velvet about Sept. 10 Baggage is limited to 65 pounds each way. Bring a sleeping bag and towel. Book early as most weeks typically fill a year or more in advance. We would rather see you plan ahead than gamble on a lower quality hunt. 1/3 when booking, 1/3 by March 1 of the year you'll hunt, and the balance 60 days before the hunt.