Hunt ML4533

Price: $4,500 for six days

Hunter success: Averages 90%

Lodging and meals: Depending on the area, you'll stay in a motel at your own expense or in an oversize sheep-camp trailer. If camping, food is included (prepared by the guide).

Motels are usually 60-90 minutes away.

Licenses: In Utah you may apply for limited-tag areas in early October. If you don't apply or don't draw a tag, you may buy an over-the-counter tag in advance of your hunt and hunt after the limited-tag season or in areas where licenses are not limipted. Nevada licenses are sold over the counter and must be purchased in advance.

Quotas: Utah areas are subject to closure once the quota fills in one unit, and then the outfitter can take you to a different unit.

Travel: Fly to Salt Lake City, rent a car for a drive to the outfitter's home about two hours away.

If the outfitter does not tree a legal lion during your trip, you can come back at a reduced rate.

Hunting method: Look for tracks by 4WD, ATV, snow machine or by horses/mules. After dogs are released, the outfitter tries to circle on roads ahead before hiking the final distance to the at. Be in good shape because some of the terrain is steep, and snow is often on the ground.



Limited-tag and quota hunts in Utah

This Utah outfitter is primarily a houndsman and feeds as many as 21 dogs to ensure that he has fresh hounds to chase your cougar. He has been taking hunters for Hunts.Net since the late '80s.

He hunts in several parts of Utah, including the Oak Creek and Pahvant units near his home, the Pahvant area, the Book Cliffs and other mountain ranges. He also is licensed in eastern Nevada.

Over the past 30 years hunter success has averaged about 90 percent. If you don't have a chance to take a cougar, he offers a return trip at a reduced rate.

You may buy tags over the counter to hunt in Nevada and in parts of Utah. Tags must be purchased before your trip. To hunt in parts of Utah you must draw a tag in a permit lottery. Applications are due in mid-October. The Utah tag drawing takes place in November. The best hunting is usually in December, January and February. In some areas the outfitter can go until March.

The outfitter likes to rise several hours before daybreak to look for fresh tracks, usually by four-wheel-drive vehicle, but he also employs ATVs, snow machines and horses and mules. If he can't find a track, you'll often ride mules along ridges between roads to look for cats that have not crossed roads recently. This has proved to be hunting. There are some very big lions, including Boone and Crockett class animals, taken in each unit. The outfitter is organized and dedicated.

No drawing necessary in Nevada

Nevada lion hunting regulations are more liberal. Not only may you buy your tag over the counter but hunters may take two cougars. Our outfitter might allow a second cat at an additional fee.