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Fly-in Alaskan hunt offers Dall sheep, grizzly and moose

We consider this one of the finest Dall sheep hunts available. Comparable to the better hunts in the Northwest Territories or the Yukon Territory in quality, this hunt produces excellent full-curl rams, mostly in the 36 to 38-inch category, at a lower cost. That's because our Alaskan outfitter does not have to pay off a debt of a million dollars or more to pay off a concession as is the case with most Canadian outfits, which have been changing hands for millions of dollars in the past few years.

He also offers a high-success trophy moose hunt and takes a few grizzlies every year. Most of the moose harvested on this hunt are about 60 inches wide.

This outfit operates is the only one operating in three adjoining areas totaling more than 3,000 square miles in the Nutzotin Mountains, including a portion of the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Preserve about 300 miles northeast of Anchorage. This hunt is in such remote country that you won't compete with residents for your ram. The outfitter flies you into the country, where you will hike for the ram haunts.

I've hunted this area about eight years ago and saw more than 35 rams the first day and half a dozen the next day before I shot my 36-incher. This is ideal Dall sheep country with beautiful grassy slopes, lots of high elevation plateaus and passes and plenty of rugged escape cover.

You can add grizzly or moose in season or book a separate hunt for either animal. The grizzlies are beautiful mountain grizzlies that are usually 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 foot square, but an eight-footer was taken in 2007.

Hunters stay in cabins or large bomb shelter tents at main camp. In good weather the outfitter can fly you and your guide in a tundra-tire-equipped plane to the top of the mountain right in the middle of sheep country, where you can spike camp and hunt down to the rams.

He and his brother both fly and guide in their area and both live at the base camp year-round with their families. They grew up with their father running this operation. He picks you up at a tiny village, then drives on a graded and graveled road across four creeks to a lodge, where he and his brother and their wives and their mother live. If you want to take your wife on this trip, she can stay in the lodge while you're out hunting. Be advised that they use outhouses and have no indoor plumbing in this remote location.

We have had excellent success with this outfitter. All our customers so far have killed rams and recommend this outfit.

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You'll hunt the north side of the Wrangells and the north side of the Nutzotin Mountains, such as Cooper Pass and the headwaters of the Jacksina Glacier to the south. The Wrangells are mostly rolling, and the north side is shale. The Nutzotin is shale. The area totals about 84 miles by 40 miles and lies about 300 miles north of Anchorage. The outfitter's family, brothers family and Mom all live here year round.

The area boasts 12 cabins as well as spike camps, including two on a plateau at about 6,000 feet. Some of the spike camps feature bomb shelter tents with cots and heaters.

Almost all rams taken on this hunt are full curl rams with horns measuring 34 to 39 inches long. Very few are 40 inchers. A friend of mine took a 40-incher here. Most hunters in the past have tagged out in three to four days, but some hunt as many as seven or eight before killing their ram. Bases average 13".-- Rich LaRocco

Hunt SH4907

Hunt Price, guide:hunter ratio
Sheep, 10 days $14,500 1x1
Grizzly Add $5,000
Moose $12,500
Moose/grizzly combo $call
Season Additional animals
Aug. 10 till mid-Sept. Moose opens in early Sept. Grizzly and moose in season. Most grizzlies are 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 foot square and max out at about 8 feet.
Hunter success and trophy size
More than 90 percent average 1998-2011. Almost all rams are 34 to 39 inches with an average of 37 inches over the past 14 years. 40-inchers are very rare, but the rams in this area tend to have heavy horns with nice flares. These are much nicer rams than you'll find in a lot of areas in Alaska. 2011 was a tough year with four hunters not getting their rams. Hunters in 2011 saw many rams that were not quite full curl. One hunter saw 45 three-quarter-curl rams. 2012 should be a good year.
Travel Meals
Fly to Anchorage and rent a car or take a bus for the six-hour drive to the outpost village where the outfitter lives or fly a charter for $1,000+ round trip Guide prepares meat and potato type meals, not freeze-dried food.
Licenses Lodging
Over the counter. Click here for latest prices Tundra tents