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Outfitter takes two trophy elk rifle hunters each September by horseback into an Alberta quality unit, add moose or mule deer

This September elk hunt is for nine full hunting days by horseback in a wilderness area northwest of Calgary, Alberta. You have the option to add mule deer and/or moose. Hunting season for elk begins Sept. 17. Moose opens Sept. 24. The elk taken on this hunt typically score 270 to 320 points with most of them around the 300 mark. Bulls over 350 have come from this unit. Only bulls with at least six points on one antler are legal in the unit. Resident tags for this unit are issued by lottery drawing, but both non-resident tags are issued through this outfitter to his customers. Hunter success is high. In the past the outfitter guided for his brother, who ran this hunt, and he had both hunters score about 75 percent of the time. About 25% of the time one hunter fails to score but usually sees several legal six-point bulls. The brother had the same two hunters take this hunt several years in a row before he retired.

Normally you'll hear elk bugle. There isn't much local hunting pressure due to the limit on the number of tags, but very few residents would consider packing two hours by horseback into the flats you'll be hunting.

If you buy a mule deer tag, you'll spend some time glassing a couple of bowls where the outfitters said he can usually find a couple of decent bucks. The deer are usually in the 140 to 170 Boone and Crockett class.

In the past the hunters who have bought moose tags have been elk hunters who went after moose the last couple of days. So far all the hunters with moose tags have filled them. The bigger moose have antlers that are about 40 inches wide. It's not a good place to look for 50-inch bulls. If you want a big moose, start your hunt Sept. 24 or later so that you can hunt moose every day during the moose rut and the tail end of the elk rut. Calling is effective for moose. "A couple of times we've grunted in a bull the first half hour of moose season," the outfitter said.

The hunt takes place in Game Management Unit 422 at the South Ram River in the Rocky Mountains east of Caroline and northwest of Calgary. It takes two to three hours to get there from Calgary. You'll be picked up at the Calgary airport and will ride into hunting camp the next day. The traveling days are not counted as part of your nine days of hunting.

Hunt EK5221


Price per person

elk, 9 days $5,000
elk/mule deer combo hunt, 9 days $6,000
elk/moose or elk/moose/deer combo hunt, 9 days $call
moose hunt, 9 days $5,500
Hunter success Trophy size
About 75% of the time both hunters kill 6-point bulls. About 25% of the time one hunter scores and the other does not. Only a couple of hunters have bought moose tags in the past; they scored.
Bull elk taken on this hunt have averaged about 300 B&C. Typical sizes are 270 to 320. Best so far was 330, but hunters have seen 350+ trophies. Moose are typically 30 to 40 inches; mule deer are usually 140 to 170 B&C.
Terrain Licenses
Typical Rocky Mountain habitat near timberline. Spruces, meadows and poplars. Not included in the price of the hunt. Click here for the latest price. Resident hunters must draw a tag, but non-resident tags are guaranteed through the outfitter
Travel Area
Fly to Calgary. The outfitter will transport you to his home, and the next day you'll drive to the trailhead and ride horses to the camp Wildlife Management Unit 422, South Ram River, Rocky Mountains, two hour horseback ride to the camp, which is northwest of Calgary
Lodging Not included in the price of the hunt
You'll stay in a ranch house or bunkhouse. Meals are prepared by a cook. Overnight lodging in Calgary if needed, buther and taxidermy fees, license and tags, Canadian sales tax