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Alberta outfitter offers two black bears and a bull elk

One of our outfitters does his personal hunting in a zone near his home west of Edmonton. He said he has been trying to get the non-resident allocation of two tags in this zone because he loves the area, having killed six elk in six years there on a 1,800-acre private ranch and on the "no motorized vehicle" zone behind the ranch. His biggest bull scored 325 gross and 315 net B&C points. He has just made a deal to buy the non-resident allocation. Now he can take two rifle hunters a year during the September bugling season, and each hunter can kill a bull elk and two black bears. A six-day hunt will be $5,500 this year with one hunter per guide for the combination elk and black bear hunt, and $4,300 for an elk-only hunt. "I would say this hunt offers a realistic opportunity to take a bull in the 300 to 330 class as well as a big black bear," he said. "It's an excellent area with big meadows and tree-covered hills, and there are enough elk that I would expect hunters to see animals every day. The area has a good bear population, and hunters should take bears mostly in the 300 to 450-pound category. Skulls will be 19 to 21 inches. I've never seen a bear that was not black in this area. The zone is attracting a few big elk from a bordering game unit that used to be closed to hunting until the last few years. Last year there was a really big bull on this ranch. A hunter killed one of the satellite bulls when it wandered off the ranch into the bordering unit, and that animal scored 348 B&C. Though I never saw the herd bull personally, I'm confident he was bigger than the satellite bull. It's not realistic to hold out for a bull of that caliber, but there's a chance. It is an excellent area to kill a 300-plus bull, however." Hunt EK5255.

Hunt EKBL5255

Price per person
Combination hunt: 1 elk and 2 black bears, 6 days $6,500
Elk only, 6 days $5,500
Trophy size
The outfitter has not guided hunters in this unit but has personally killed six bulls in six years. He expects hunters to see elk every day and to get multiple opportunities to take 5x5 and 6x6 bulls. The outfitter has seen as many as a dozen bears in a day. Bulls in this area typically score 280 to 330 B&C. The area occasionally holds bulls over 350 B&C, but they are rare. Black bears grow big in this unit, and hunters are encouraged to hold out for bears in the 300 to 450-pound class.
Available dates 
Over the counter through the outfitter. Click here for the latest prices on Alberta hunting licenses and tags. Usually hunting begins Sept. 11 and runs through October.
Lodging and meals
Cabin or ranch house quarters and meals are included Airport pickup at Edmonton included.

Questions and answers:

Jerry Carpenter: Is this a free ranging elk hunt? If so, can you tell me approximately how much Canadian tags, license, and taxes are? Are there any other cost associated with this hunt once you arrive in Canada?

Yes, these hunts are for free-ranging elk. Click here for details on hunting licenses and tags in Alberta. Additional taxes are 7%. Taxidermy, butcher and meat and trophy shipping fees would be extra costs as would be any tips you would care to leave with guides or cooks.

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