Hunt PG4429

Hunt No. PG4429

Price: $4,000 for five days

License: Over the counter tags

Openings in 2016: Last two weeks of September.

Accommodations and meals: included



Private land, guided

This is a productive archery elk hunt on 18,000 acres of private land in Unit 85 in the southeastern part of Colorado. We were referred three years ago to the outfitter by another booking agent who was going out of business. He said he always did a great job for his clients. Hunts.Net President Rich LaRocco visited the property and was impressed with the operation. The land is mostly mountainous and varies in elevation from 5,000 to 8,200 feet. The lower part is juniper canyon country mixed with some stands of tall ponderosa pines and hay meadow bottoms. Up high grow firs, pines and a bit of spruce and some open ridges with small grassy meadows. larry archery elk hunt

"This has been a really good hunt for us," the outfitter said. "Shooting opportunity has been phenomenal. At least 75% of my hunters have had good, close-range shots. The average bull we get is a six by six in the 270 to 310 category. We;ve had some bigger bulls, and some of our hunters get chances at 330 class bulls and even the rare 340. We have shot some really good bulls.austinswife

"We hunt in a variety of ways. If a guy wants to sit in a tree stand over a water hole, that can be productive. One year almost every hunter got opportunities by waiting for bulls moving in or out of hayfields at pinch points. We call a lot. Some bulls come in silently, and others are fired up. It's a fun hunt."

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