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Central Idaho elk hunt offers mule deer and black bear at no extra fee

Update: Hunts.Net has negotiated a lower rate for our customers: $3,450 with no trophy fees. Valid for hunts booked in 2009.

Hunt EK4553

Hunt Price per person
Seven-day combo hunt for elk, mule deer and black bear $3,950 + $500 trophy fee on each animal. Two hunters per guide. Add $1,250 for 1x1.
Hunting style Accommodations
Bugling and spot-and-stalk hunting. Wall tent camp, meals provided.

Trophy size

Hunter success

Bulls must have brow tines to be legal. Most elk taken in this zone average 5x5, but there have been bulls scoring over 350 from this area. former Hunts.Net President Rich LaRocco killed his biggest archery bull, which grossed 350 Pope and Young, in the bordering unit. Muleys average 24 inches and run up to 30 inches or so. Black bear average 5 1/2 feet and seldom reach 7 feet. Wilderness elk hunts can be difficult due to rugged terrain, abundance of escape cover and wary animals. Most hunters should see a branched-antler bull, but there are not enough elk that a hunter can pass on a bull and expect to find a bigger one. Hunters in good physical condition and capable of getting into shooting position quickly have a much better chance.
Dates Area
Sept. 15-Nov. 18. Earlier seasons can be good for bugling. You can take a cow if you choose in October. Mountains near Challis, Idaho. Steep and rugged terrain. The wall tent camp is at the end of the road. You'll drive to ridges and hunt on foot or horseback.



Hunters are met at Challis or another nearby town. The spring hunt involves Hunting license and tags required. Reduced price in this area for bear tags. Click here for the latest prices.

Some hunters enjoy hunting elk in the remote backcountry of the northern Rockies. Success rates are not as high as on most private ranches, and you must earn your elk, but some sportsmen great satisfaction from taking a bull on public land because they know they earn every animal.

This outfitter offers a five-day combination hunt for elk, mule deer and black bear. There are three seasons: Sept. 15-30, Oct. 1-31 and Nov. 1-18. Bugling is a possibility on the first hunt, but hot weather is also more likely then, and elk can be difficult to find when the weather is warm.

Hunter success on public-land elk hunts varies greatly, depending on the hunter's physical conditioning, the weather, animal movements and just plain luck. But this is not a crowded hunting area.

"Sometimes we'll see hunters on the dirt roads in our area," the oufitfitter said, "but once we get off the road we hardly ever see a soul."

Though some tremendous bulls have come from this area, the outfitter said you won't see enough bulls that you could pass on a 5x5 and reasonably expect to see a 6x6.

"It's a fun and challenging place to hunt," he said. "We have a lot of fun, and the country is beautiful. The elk herd is in good shape, and we saw some really nice bucks last year, too, but most of our hunters just wanted to hunt elk. I would like to get some combo hunters who would like to take a deer. We also have good numbers of bears, and the hunters for the first couple of weeks in September could wait on our baited stands and probably get a bear."