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Outfitter decides to offer semi-guided trophy elk archery hunt on 25,000 private acres

Hunt EK4108

Hunts Price per person, guide ratio
Archery elk, 7 days, 2x1 $2,500 4x1 semi-guided
$4,000 2x1 full service
$5,000 1x1 full service
Area Lodging and meals
25,000 private acres along the Big Hole River in western Montana. Mostly flat to rolling hills. An ideal rutting area where the elk gather during the September bugling season. Full service: The outfitter will either rent a home, use camp trailers or set up outfitter wall tents and provide camp meals.
Semi-guided: The hunters supply their own vehicles and tent camp or trailers and food.
Season Hunting method
Most of September. Bugling probably peaks Sept. 15-30. Calling, still-hunting, stand hunting along trails in willows also a possibility.
Licenses Hunter success
Not included in the price of the hunt. Outfitter customers are guaranteed a tag. Click here for the latest prices in Montana. All guided hunters should get shots. Semi-guided hunters with experience should do well.
Trophy size Notes
The outfitter has been seeing quite a few bulls in the 300 to 340 class and some a bit bigger. We have known the outfitter for about 20 years and have hunted with him for whitetail deer on a different lease.

We've worked with this outfitter for many years, and I shot a 12-point whitetail with him a few years back. In the past couple of years he has been seeing some very big bull elk on a 25,000 river-bottom ranch he leases along the Big Hole River in western Montana.

"There are some dang good bulls on my land during September," the outfitter said. They pretty well stay long the river bottom and in the willows, and we see some really nice bulls up to 340 and even bigger. They love this area during the bow hunt, but by the time the rifle season opens, they're long gone. In this particular area they move over the mountain into Idaho, and they're quite inaccessible over there. Plus it's a limited-permit zone where nobody can hunt unless they draw a tag in a special drawing, so the elk are pretty well safe. I think that is why we're seeing such nice bulls. I've decided I want to get some bowhunters in there after them. I was hoping to do guided hunts at $4,000 but I'm willing to take a group of semi-guided hunters for $2,500. I'll help them out, show them where to hunt, help them get their game out, and so forth, but for four guys who are able to bring their own vehicles and camp, it will be a great opportunity to bag a big bull."