Hunt EK4799

Full-service hunts

Full-service, meals and accommodations included: $5,500 with one hunter per guide or $4,000 with two hunters per guide. $500 a person discount for hunting parties who bring their own tents or trailers and food or pay for their own motel and restaurant meals. Some late-season hunts are more enjoyable if you stay in a warm motel at night. Occasionally, we can arrange to rent a ranch house or cabin for a hunting party.

Part-service hunts

$3,000 a person with one guide per four hunters. If your party brings their own tents or trailers and food, the price is reduced $500 a person. We can get discounts when you book a hunt in a third-tier zone where tags are almost a sure thing to draw.


Deposit: We require a $1,000 deposit when booking the hunt. We expect you to bring that up to a 50% deposit shortly after drawing a tag.

Licenses and tags: Not included in hunt price. Hunting license is $65 and bull elk tags are $548, and there about $10 in additional stamps. Tags are more costly in well-known trophy areas ($778 in 2017).

Accommodations: Vary according to the area hunted. Usually a cabin, ranch house or motel. Summer bow hunts are usually conducted from a tent camp.

Seasons: Rifle seasons are usually in October and last five days. Archery seasons are Sept. 1-14 or 15-24. Muzzleloader seasons are five days long and take place in mid- to late October and in November. h

Hunting days: Five days for muzzleloader and rifle seasons. We guide six days during archery season. Extra days are usually available at the guide's fee plus actual expenses.

Trophy size: In the trophy areas, you have a good chance of seeing bulls in the 330 to 350" range and a fair chance of seeing a 350" or bigger bull. In second-tier areas, you have a good chance of seeing bulls in the 270 to 320 class and a fair chance of seeing a bigger bull, and some 340 to 380 bulls are killed every year. In a third-tier unit we don't usually shoot raghorns (2 1/2-year-old bulls). Most hunters take 5x5 and small to medium 6x6s in the 240 to 280 range or so. A good number of bulls are in the 280 to 330 class. Bulls in the 330-350 class are taken every year, and there are a few in the 350 or bigger class, but don't except to see one every year.

Kill rate: Typically success rates average 85% for rifle, 50% for muzzleloader and 25-30% for archery although most bowhunters get shooting chances but don't make solid hits. Experienced, skilled archers usually have about a 50% success rate, but keep in mind that a lot has to go right for a bowhunter to score, and there are many things that can go wrong when trying to get a close-range bow shot.


No need to draw a tag; landowner voucher included

Some of the best elk hunting in the West takes place in New Mexico, where tags are limited by the state. The nice thing is that 10 percent of all tags are set aside for outfitters' clients, so the chances of drawing a tag are better than if you apply for your own. In some units 100% of outfitter clients who apply get tags.

Some game management units consistently produce trophy-class bulls year after year because the state gives few tags, allowing a good number of bulls to grow old and big. Tags for those units are hard to draw, usually less than 10 percent.

Other units produce good hunting for average-size bulls with a fair number of mature, trophy-size bulls. The odds of drawing a tag might be 25 to 50 percent or more. It takes more luck to kill a wallhanger because the state issues enough tags that most bulls are harvested before they reach trophy size. We call these second-tier hunts, and we usually suggest that our customers apply for those areas as a second choice.austin's antelope

Finally, there are third-tier units, where the state issues more tags for the number of elk. There's a good chance of taking a 5x5 or 6x6 bull, but outstanding trophies are rare in third-tier units. Bulls exceeding 350 are not common in any unit but are particularly hard to find in third-tier units. Still, we've had friends and clients shoot some great bulls in third-tier units, including bulls exceeding 375 B&C points. These are good units for hunting elk but are not a good choice not if you intend to hold out for an exceptional bull. austin's antelope

We offer full-service and part-service hunts, and can adjust what is supplied to save money if you have the resources to provide your own camp and hunt with a low ratio of guides to hunters. austin's antelope

Note: You DON'T have to draw a tag in the annual computer permit lottery if you want to buy a landowner voucher. The cost of a voucher varies according to the quality and reputation of each unit. Prices can run $2,500 to $10,000 for landowner vouchers. Some archery and muzzleloader vouchers can be had for less money just before the season, but some years they're all gone by the time the season rolls around.