Hunt EK7005

Hunts available now:

#1 340-360 elk $7,000

#2 360-380 elk $10,000

#3 380-400 elk $12,000

#4 340-360 elk and a 340-360 red deer $14,000

#5 360-380 elk and a 360-380 red deer $18,000

#6 380-400 elk and a 380-400 red deer $22,000



Not included:

May be added:

*Prices in U.S. dollars

2,500-acre preserve, four-day hunts

If you're in the market for a preserve elk hunt, you might consider traveling to New Zealand, where prices right now are good when compared with preserves in the U.S.

The outfitter offers four-day, three-night elk hunts on a 2,500-acre preserve. Best hunting takes plae in May, June and July. You may add red deer as well as other species. The outfitter offers some red stag hunting on open range with no high fences.

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