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Utah ranch offers private-land elk hunts

This hunt takes takes place on a cattle ranch that is in the heart of a canyon that is famous for its number of bulls. Occasionally a bull in this area will score 340 or so, but most hunters take bulls that are large 5x5s or 6x6s from about 250 to 320. The rancher wants one party of two bowhunters, a party of two or three rifle hunters in early October and a party of two or three muzzleloader hunters in early November.

The ranch used to be leased to an outfitter that included the land in a large Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit. Except for a bowhunter who missed a 320-class bull last year, no elk hunting has taken place on the property for several years. Hunts.Net and another booking agency are conducting the hunts on the property this year after last year's cow elk hunters saw bulls almost every day.

Introductory prices are lower than other elk hunts in the area. Lodging and meals are not included, but a motel is only 14 miles away. An old and small ranch house on the ranch is available for $50 per night, and that amount is split among the hunters.

Hunt EK4599EE
Hunt Price per person/hunter:guide ratio
5-day rifle or muzzleloader hunt
6-day bow hunt
$4,500 3x1
$5,500 2x1

Extra days are $350

Hunter success Seasons
We expect all the hunters to see multiple bulls. The bulls should be rutting during the last half of the bow hunt, and should still be with the cows through the first week of the rifle hunt. The muzzleloader hunt should be excellent because by early November additional elk normally move onto the property. Bow elk, Sept. 9-13.
Rifle elk, early Oct. 5-9
Muzzleloader elk, Nov. 3-7.

Bow and muzzleloader hunters who want to hunt more than five days should come early. Rifle hunters who want to hunt more than five days may hunt after Oct. 9.

Acreage License

2,700 acres of private land, all of which is good elk habitat and surrounded by lightly hunted private ranchland

Hunting licenses are not included in the price of the hunt. Click here for updated prices. Licenses are sold over the counter until gone

Lodging Weather

Lodging is not included. A motel is only 14 miles from the ranch. Or you can rent a small and old cabin on the property for $50 a night, which can be split among the hunters.

Archery: Typically higher than freezing at night, 50s to 80s in the day. Rifle and muzzleloader can vary from sunshine in the 70s to drifting snow below freezing.