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Sprawling Wyoming ranch yields high hunter success on wild elk

This ranch has been getting better every year since this outfitter took control of the property. Situated in the foothills of the Uinta Mountains near Evanston, Wyoming, the ranch is composed of ideal elk habitat. Most of it is covered with sagebrush, aspen, firs, spruces, pines, junipers and serviceberry. There are several hundred resident elk with several hundred more migrating through the property during rifle season.

Probably the biggest disadvantage of this hunt is that you must draw a tag, and you must apply early -- by the end of January. You can increase your odds of drawing a permit by applying in the so-called special drawing, which costs more. You can elect to get a preference point if you don't draw a license, virtually assuring yourself of getting a tag the following year.

The outfitter is building a nice log lodge on the property, and it will be done in time for the 2009 season.

Hunter success on this guided hunt is excellent and has never dropped below 90 percent. Most bulls are in the 250 to 300 range, but there are quite a few bigger bulls. In 2007 half the hunters got 320-class bulls, and everybody filled out by Day 2.

This is not a game farm. You'll be hunting wild elk. But because hunting pressure is so light when compared with bordering public and private lands, you can pretty well plan on pulling the trigger on a nice bull.

Four spots available for 2009. Apply now for tags.

Hunt EK4563WY

Hunt Price per person, hunter:guide ratio
Elk rifle, Oct. 26-30 $7,500 1x1
$6,750 2x1
Hunter success Trophy size
90-100% the past three years. Half the bulls in 2007 scored about 320 B&C.
Licenses Lodging/meals
Must apply by the end of January. Special draw offers good odds of getting a tag. Preference points available. Click here for details. Nice log lodge. Meals are included.
Physical difficulty Season
ATV trails lead to most parts of the ranch, but hunters in good shape can access areas that are seldom hunted. Typically the last half of October.
Travel Not included
Fly to Salt Lake City, rent a car for the two-hour drive to the ranch, mostly by freeway. License, taxidermy and butcher fees, travel between the ranch and the hunter's home.