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Note: All information on this site and our literature is provided under the condition that the customer accepts our terms.


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If you phone or email us, you are considered to have accepted our terms below.

Our goal: Give you enough information for you to decide which hunt is best for you.

We can help you best if we know your:

  • Trophy goals
  • Price range
  • Hunting preferences
  • Hunting background
  • Weapon choice

Please include these and other important details in emails. Be realistic in your goals and budget. You're better off going on a really good hunt than two or three mediocre hunts.

Please include your name, mailing address and phone number in emails.

Terms and conditions

Information is provided on the specific condition that Hunts.Net and its subsidiaries, affiliated or associated companies, agents and sub-agents act only as conduits of information.

We do not recommend outfitters or other hunt providers such as ranchers or bush pilots. The reason is that even the best outfitters are hum but pass along to our customers information we have received about the hunting opportunities they offer.

Outfitters, bush pilots, professional hunters and ranchers and other hunt providers are independent owners or contractors and are not employees of Hunts.Net. We are not responsible for their actions and have no control over the actual hunt, safari, fishing trip, travel or accommodations. We do not research each hunt providers' license status or safety records because these are subject to constant change.

All prices and availability are subject to change without notice. We strive to pass along accurate information but cannot verify the accuracy of this information.

We prefer customers to book hunting trips that have had long records of high success or trips that one or more of our consultants has enjoyed or trips that our customers have booked and have enjoyed.

We realize that sometimes the best hunts for the money are new hunts, but you should consider any unproven hunt risky.

Often an outfitter we have come to trust over several years will acquire a new lease or begin hunting an area new to him, such as an area where he has bought out a concession or a hunting unit where the state has opened a new hunting season, and in those cases we usually have more confidence in a new hunt.

We are always looking for promising hunting trips; hence, we often pass along to our customers information we have acquired about hunt providers or ostensible hunt providers who are new to us.

You, the customer, must make your own decision about the accuracy of this information, much of which is provided by hunt providers or references they have offered, in determining for yourself which hunt provider to use.

Our use of the terms outfitter, professional guide, guide, air taxi service, bush pilot or hunt provider should not be construed to mean that we have verified that the person or entity in question has acquired or has renewed or will renew or keep current all necessary permits and licenses to offer legally the hunting trips being offered.

We earn a commission on all hunts booked through us. When we put you in touch with a hunt provider after providing you with information about his offerings, you agree to send your reservation deposit through Hunts.Net unless we direct you in writing to do otherwise. This applies to all future bookings with the hunt provider. We deduct our commission from the deposit and send the balance to the hunt provider.

Except in unusual circumstances, you pay no more for a hunt booked through us than if you had booked directly with the hunt provider. If you negotiate a lower price, which is possible when an outfitter has last-minute openings or can provide you a lower level of service if you can bring your own travel trailer or ATV or for another reason, then you should still send your deposit through us, and you will not pay more if you do so.

Do not book a trip with any hunt provider whose services are described on our web site, hunts.net, in our literature or by one of our consultants unless you agree to the condition that Hunts.Net will not be liable for any damages beyond the amount of the commission that Hunts.Net earns. Ask about incentives to customers who send deposits through Hunts.Net.

Our commission is included in the price of the hunt except in special and rare cases. All prices are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted.

Most hunt prices do not include license, tags, butcher and taxidermy fees, sales taxes or transportation between the hunter's home and the site where you'll meet the outfitter. Some hunts include shuttle service from the nearest airport. Prices and availability are subject to change.

Note that in some states you'll need hunters safety certification to buy a license. Check the state regulations before you book. We have a partial list of hunters education requirements here.

Statistics are typically supplied by hunt providers. All information should be verified by the customer.