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Q: How old does my child need to be to hunt?

A: Minumum age requirements vary. State-by-state requirements

Travel for hunting in another country

Unguided hunts not for everybody

Unguided hunting advice

U.S. Customs travelers check list Before traveling outside the U.S., we highly recommend filling out this form and taking it to a U.S. Customs office along with the items listed. U.S. gun laws applying to U.S. citizens -- Note: Under President Clinton the law was changed so that if you're a convicted felon or if you've been convicted of a violent domestic crime, you can never possess or own a weapon. Thus, you cannot legally hunt in the U.S. We often receive misinformation on the status of felons in regards to hunting. Some states have policies that differ from federal law, but federal law is what counts in this case, regardless of what Montana or any other state says. Details. We do not recommend any particular travel insurance company, but we highly suggest that you consider buying travel insurance. Hunts.Net cannot insure your hunt against such circumstances as airline cancellations and sickness or family emergencies, but some insurance companies can.