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Moose, barren-ground caribou, grizzly

Hunt the Brooks Range of northern Alaska

This hunt produced superb hunting for the three hunters who took it in 2008. They killed bulls ranging from 58 inches to 71 inches wide, but the 58-incher was actually bigger than the 71-incher because he had massive, wide, upturning palms. The outfitter said he and his guides are seeing more big moose now that this area is a limited-entry unit where non-resident must draw a tag in order to hunt. His son, also a registered guide, saw 14 bulls one day when he wasn't even hunting moose. They saw several bulls bigger than any of the ones they killed.

They conduct their hunts in the western Brooks Range about 100 miles above the Arctic Circle. One reason moose thrive in this area, while moose populations are down in southern Alaska, is that there are very few wolves in this area. During the course of the season in 2008 the guides and hunters saw a total of five wolves, and one of the hunters was able to kill a big, almost solid white beauty. The outfitter said he saw a huge jet-black moose.

Our outfitter typically averages about 60 inches in antler spread with many old, mature bulls carrying heavy, impressive racks. Hunter success is usually 100 percent or very close, and you also can add a caribou. The caribou come from the largest herd in Alaska, the Western Arctic Caribou Herd.

Rich LaRocco of Hunts.Net got this old bull with unusually twisted brow tines.

Fishing is also excellent for Arctic char, grayling and salmon, depending on the dates you'll be in Alaska. You also might be lucky enough to take a wolf or a black bear.

Trophies taken by Hunts.Net Customer Mike Tate of Lousiana, right.

We have worked with this outfitter for many years and have a lot of confidence in his ability to please our customers. He has 35 years of hunting experience in this country and has guided the past 20 years. The outfitter runs the operation with his grown sons, who were born and raised in the area. He hunts country so remote that it is accessible only by airplane.

You usually hunt on foot quite close to your camp, and the outfitter has four-wheelers that he uses to retrieve game meat. Hunting is by spot-and-stalk, calling or rattling.

Hunts.Net's Rich LaRocco took this hunt and had a wonderful trip, taking a 12- or 13-year-old regressing bull nicknamed Hooknose because of his unusually curved brow tines.

The semi-guided caribou hunters are an excellent value. They include accommodations and meals, and there is one four-wheeler in each camp of sem-guided hunters for retrieving downed game.

Hunt MS4905

Prices for 2009
$10,500 for 10 days
Moose & caribou
$13,000 for 10 days
Moose & grizzly
$19,500 for 14 days
Moose & caribou & grizzly
$22,000 for 14 days
Caribou, guided
$5,200 for 7 days
$10,500 for 10 days
Non-hunting guest
$200 per day + air fare from Kotzebue to camp
Semi-guided caribou (1 camp helper per four hunters, a tent and food that you prepare is included.
$3,400 per hunter for 7 days
Guide ratio
Airport pickup
1x1 except guided caribou hunts are 2x1. Semi-guided caribou hunts include a camp helper per four hunters.

Kotzebue, included in the price of the hunt except for non-hunting guests

Lodging and meals

Caribou tags are sold over the counter. You must draw a moose tag, and about 35% of customers typically draw. Grizzly tags are also by drawing, but are usually easy to get. Click here for updated tag prices.

Big free-standing Hanson Weatherport tents, GI cots. Meals prepared for you. Portable generator for charging of batteries. Bath/steam room. Propane cook stove and heaters. Couples can have a tent to themselves.
Not included

Moose: Sept. 1-20
Caribou: Sept. 1-Oct. 10
Grizzly: Sept. 1-Oct. 1 and April 20-May 30

license and tags, taxidermy or transportation of meat and trophies to Anchorage and/or the Lower 48, butcher service
Hunter success
Trophy size

Moose hunter success is usually 100%. Caribou hunting success depends on migration timing. In 2008 early cool weather caused caribou numbers to peak in August, but usually the outfitter recommends the first two weeks of September.

Most mature bull moose are 58 to 65 inches. He has taken two 71 inches, including one in 2008. Most years the average bull taken is 60 inches or more. Grizzlies are usually 7.5 to 8.5 feet with some to 9 feet. Caribou occasionally make book.
The outfitter will hold your price if you book a hunt and don't draw and continue applying until you draw a tag. "We get big bulls and run a good hunt, and we're less expensive than some other moose hunts in Alaska and northern Canada, so it's worth trying to get a tag to go with us," he said. Temps 15-65 degrees. Elevations to 2,000'. Bowhunters welcome. No extra charge for wolf (tag is only $25) or black bear. Fishing is excellent for salmon, grayling and 10-30# Arctic char.

Rich photographed this bull on his first hunting day but passed because the rack did not have back tines. He passed on some other bigger bulls and ended up shooting a smaller bull as migrating animals were dwindling in number toward the end of his hunt.