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Hunt trophy moose and brown bear in Wood-Tikchik State Park, Alaska

While moose numbers have dived in much of Alaska, this outfitter continues to produce excellent hunter success on trophy bulls.

"We've had 17 years of good, solid moose hunting," he said. "We average in the 60 to 62 inch range. Five years ago it was fantasic. Now I would say it is good. I've watched it from year to year, and our moose hunting has remained relaltively good whereas there has been a demise of moose hunting in some other parts of the state. We got four bulls for five hunters this year, and the hunter who did not fill his tag passed on two 60-inchers after seeing a monster. Our hunter success is 100 percent a lot of years; some years it's 80 percent."

This seven-day hunt takes place in September, and you may add brown bear.

The hunt is conducted in southwestern Alaska in Wood-Tickchik State Park and is based from a flyfishing lodge. You'll travel by jet boat on the river. Guides spot-and-stalk and call. They often know where big bulls were seen during the summer flyfishing season.

Most bears are taken along streams where spawning salmon attract them. If a large bear begins feeding on the remnants of a harvested moose, you'll have a good chance of taking that bear.

Guides select hunting areas based on the customer's desires and physical condition as well as weather, rutting activitiy and salmon spawning activity.

While hunting moose and bear, you might have a chance to shoot a wolf, and you can enjoy world class fishing as well.

Hunt MS4905

Hunt, guide:hunter ratio
Prices expected for 2009
Moose, 1x1
$15,500, Sept. 3-9, 13-19
Moose & brown bear, 1x1
$24,500, Sept. 3-19
Wood-Tikchik State Park, Alaska

Fly to Dillingham, Alaska, take $950 (round trip) charter to the lodge on the Wood River

Lodging, meals
Hunting methods

Hunt is based out of a fishing lodge operated by the outfitter. You might stay at the lodge or at a spike camp, depending on where big bulls were seen before the season. Jet boats are used to move up and down the river. Meals are included.

Moose hunting is by calling and spot-and-stalk hunting. Bear are often seen along streams where salmon are spawning. If a large bears begins feeding on the remnants of a killed moose, your guide might target that bear.
Other activities

Wolf hunting is included at no extra charge as well as world-class salmon fishing.

Moose and bear tags over the counter. Click here for updated tag prices.
Hunter success
Trophy size

Generally 80 to 100 percent in past 17 years. This hunt produced four moose to five hunters in 2008, and the fifth hunter passed on two 60-inch-plus bulls after seeing a giant.

Most mature bull moose are 58 to 65 inches wide. Bears are usually eight to nine foot square with some over nine foot sqare.
Not included
One reason this outfit continues to produce big bull moose is that the outfitter operates a high class flyfishing operation from his lodge all summer, visiting many rivers and streams in the area. By the time you arrive for your hunt, the guides usually know where some big bulls have been seen. License and tags, taxidermy or transportation of meat and trophies to Anchorage and/or the Lower 48, butcher service, air charter from Dillingham, any overnight accommodations required in Dillingham.

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