Expired listings — call for updated info

Private ranch near Trinidad, Colorado

Semi-guided hunts on eastern Idaho ranches

Private land hunt in Nebraska

Idaho ranch takes four hunters a year. Excellent trophy potential

Hunt in British Columbia late season or early

Powder River area yields big bucks and antelope

Nevada outfitter offers 90 percent hunter success

Montana rifle mule deer

Northwestern elk/deer combo

New Mexico's Canyon Largo hunt offers chance at big buck

If you want to hunt the famous Unit 2, which borders the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation, which is known for producing big bucks. The application deadline is in March. This hunt costs $5,500 1x1, motel and restaurant meals included. Call for an update. There aren't a lot of deer, but every year this area produces some bucks over 30 inches and scoring 190 B&C or more.

Uncrowded private hunting in southeastern Colorado

Early and late hunts on East Canyon CWMU, Utah

Kansas hunt produces big muleys

Special early season rifle hunt on dry farm ranch in Utah

Desert trophies in Sonora, Mexico

Private land near Lamar, Colorado

Colorado hunt offers good chance for big bucks

Hunt a quality Utah game unit on a landowner voucher

Blacksmith Fork ranch in Utah offers elk and mule deer

Utah property allows six hunters on 100,000 acres

Utah rancher conducts his own hunts near Chalk Creek

Long-time outfitter gets landowner vouchers near Kim

Northern Utah ranches offer excellent trophy size

Premium private land hunt in northwestern Utah

Wyoming ranch offers high success

20,000-acre southeastern Utah ranch yields big bucks

High success Montana hunt offers chance to combine with antelope

50,000-acre Montana ranch takes three hunters per year, resulting in superb trophy whitetail and mule deer bucks

New Mexico mule deer

One of our outfitters has openings for mule deer archery hunts in January in a trophy unit as well as archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts in a separate limited-permit unit.

The winter bow hunt takes place in the Caprock Desert, which is ideal for glassing because bluffs over the desert floor provide ideal vantage points. Buck quality is excellent with many record-book bucks and a few that score in the high 170s to low 190s.

The biggest buck we have heard about from this area was a giant nontypical that would have qualified for the all-time Boone and Crockett Club record book, but it was poached by a bowhunter who couldn't resist pulling out a rifle.

Most of the other unit, Bear Ridge, is not conducive to glassing, but hunting permits are limited, and so some bucks get big.

A Bear Ridge archery kill.

Bowhunters often get shooting by waiting near water holes or by spotting game while riding around in ATVs. Gun hunters often see game from pickups, often glass deer from a limited number of high points, and also can have success by still hunting.

Prices vary according to what is provided and hunter:guide ratio. Group discounts might be available. You must apply for tags by March 19.

Colorado outfitter takes only two bowhunters at a time

Rut hunt in eastern Colorado

January hunt on 37,000 acres in New Mexico bucks

Sprawling ranch in southern New Mexico

Two-state mule deer/javelina combination hunt in January

Long-time outfitter offers high success and good rates on 60,000 private acres

Inexpensive hunt on limited-permit public land in New Mexico

Archery mule deer hunts

Sprawling ranch offers superb bowhunting

Colorado ranch offers big muleys

This outfitter has produced some excellent mule deer for his bowhunters, including two that scored in the 190s. $5,500 2x1 or $6,000 1x1. Call for details.

Montana archery mule deer
5 day hunt , lodging, meals included
22-29 inch wide bucks, spot and stalk , do-it-yourself hunting
$2000.00, includes license (licenses are limited)
September season (call for openings)
Fly into Bismarck ND or Billings MT and drive to camp 3 hours.

Sprawling Wyoming ranch offers superb hunting for big bucks

Bow hunt whitetails, muleys and antelope on enormous private ranches in eastern Montana

Mule deer hunts

Three openings in Colorado

Private land east of Montrose. 160-180" bucks More

Sonora mule deer

65,000 acres, beachside condo quarters, 190 B&C average More

Utah East Canyon muleys

Private mountain property, quality management. 2 openings.


Western Colorado trophies

This hunt fills up well in advance even though you need a lot of preference points.


Utah backpack trip

Big bucks on general tags. Booking now for 2017.


Southeastern New Mexico

Easy-to-draw tags in outfitter pool. Book now for 2017.


Northwestern Kansas trophies

Outfitter focuses on 190+ deer, highly successful, $8,000.


Private ranch, southern NM

Property owned by New Mexico State University.