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Colorado outfitter takes very limited numbers of hunters to maximize success and trophy size

This outfitter is a long-time serious Wesstern hunter and a successful real estate broker who decided to help his son realize his goal of working in the hunting industry. Using his contacts, he located what he considered to be the best ranches in the state, and then last year he started taking customers, limiting each ranch to no more than two hunters at a time.

"I had been on some guided hunts where there were big camps," he said, "and that's not what I wanted to offer. There are only so many big bucks on a ranch, and with only two hunters I feel that we can give each hunter a good chance of taking one. On bow hunts, especially, you need as many stalking opportunities as possible to pull off a successful hunt, and I knew our hunters would be a lot happier having good stalking opportunities almost every day without worrying about sharing with other hunters."

The biggest mule deer taken by one of his customers last year scored a little better than 220 Boone and Crockett points.

He conducts mule deer hunts in three areas. One is on a ranch that is also elk habitat in the mountains and features timber and meadows. Another is in the central part of the state in a mesa area that is close to housing developments but holds big bucks because hunting pressure has been low. He also has a couple of leases totaling 31,000 acres in the southeastern part of the state.

One of his southeastern hunters last year passed on a dozen or more 180 class bucks before missing a 200-plus non-typical. The southeastern area near Lamar also has some good whitetail habitat along the Arkansas River. This part of the state is known for producing many excellent whitetail bucks, including some big enough to make the all-time Boone and Crockett list.

Prices vary according to the ranch. All the pictures of live deer were taken on his leases.

Hunt MD3883

Hunt/ hunter:guide ratio Price
Trophy mule deer or whitetail deer, 2x1 or 1x1 see price list to the right
Hunter success Trophy size
Virtually every hunter sees multiple bucks. Hunters who have realistic trophy expectations usually score. Most hunters see exceptional mule deer; most whitetail hunters see mature bucks in the 140 to 170 range
Licenses Lodging/meals
Over-the-counter tags are sold to winners in an annual permit lottery, but a limited number of transferable landowner vouchers also are available each year. Varies
Travel Area
Fly to Denver, Colorado, and rent a car. Three different areas: a timbered ranch in western Colorado, two plains ranches totaling 31,000 acres and a central mesa ranch.
Season Notes
The timbered ranch and central mesa ranch are open during general Colorado dates. The eastern plains ranches are open during the eastern plains dates listed in the box to the right. Most outfitters would take six to 10 hunters at a time. This outfitter is dedicated to keeping each hunter happy, so he takes a maximum of two hunters per season per ranch although he can handle three during the second combined rifle hunt on hi timber ranch near Evergreen. The result is that almost every hunter has chances on mature bucks.

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Update: Limited openings still available for 2013. Most hunts are booked.


Required Preference Points to Draw Eastern Plains (Estimated) – 2013

Archery Mule Deer
Muzzleloader Mule Deer
Early Rifle
Late Rifle

2013 Colorado Big Game Limited Draw License Application Deadline is April 2, 2013

  • Eastern Plains Mule Deer/Whitetail Deer

    Archery Mule Deer Nove. 14-18 $4,500 each, – 2 hunters plus $1,500 for landowner voucher
    Rifle Mule Deer/Whitetail Oct. 26-30 $6,000 1 hunter
    Rifle Mule Deer/Whitetail Nov. 1-5 $6,000 1 hunter
    Rifle Mule Deer/Whitetail Dec. 1-5 $7,000 1 hunter
    Rifle Mule Deer/Whitetail Dec. 8-12 $7,000 1 hunter

    Timber Ranch near Evergreen (Prices for 2013 include landowner vouchers)

    Rifle Mule Deer Nov. 6-10 $3,000 each, 2 hunters
    Rifle Mule Deer Nov. 13-17 $3,500 each, 3 hunters
    Rifle Elk Nov. 13-17 $3,500 each, 1 hunter
    Cow elk Nov. 13-17 $1,500 for a hunter accompanying a bull elk or buck deer hunter
    Habitat Stamp
    Deer, Buck or Doe
    Draw Application Fee
    Landowner Voucher Costs 2013 (Estimated) available in the event you do not draw
    Early Rifle
    Late Rifle