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Southeastern Colorado rancher offers mule deer and antelope hunts

Hunt MD3841

Hunt/ hunter:guide ratio Price
Mule deer, 1x1 $5,500 to $6,000 with landowner voucher
$5,000 if you draw a tag
Mule deer archery, 2x1 $3,000 on most ranches
Hunter success Trophy size
All mule deer hunters so far have seen mature bucks. All rifle hunts typically fill their tags, but a hunter in 2008 had to leave early due to personal reasons after seeing a 170-class buck. One half to two-thirds of deer bowhunters typically score. A video crew had a chance to take a 175 class buck but passed the shot because the deer could not be taped. Antelope hunts are typically 100%. Most hunters shoot bucks in the 160 to 180, but there is a chance of taking a 180 to 200-plus buck. This hunt has produced a few bucks with racks spreading 30 inches or more as well as bucks scoring 200 B&C gross points. Most hunters who hold out have taken 170-class or bigger animals. Deer numbers are not high, but hunters usually see several four-point or bigger bucks.
Licenses Lodging/meals
Applications are due April 3. If you don't draw a tag, you can buy a landowner voucher. You need one preference point to draw the first deer hunt and three preference points to draw the late hunt. Click here for recent prices and applications. Some hunts include lodging in a small ranch house with meals prepared by the outfitter's wife. There are no accommodations or meals included on most antelope hunts and on some other hunts. On those hunts you stay in a motel near the ranch in order to save driving time and eat restaurant meals.
Travel Area
Fly to Denver, Amarillo, Texas, or Colorado Springs and rent a car for a drive of three to 3 1/2 hours. The outfitter sometimes can pick you up at the airport for an extra fee. The outfitter 60,000 acres of rolling grassland, Conservation Reserve Program fields and farm ground south of Lamar, Colorado, in units 132, 138 and 146.
Season Notes
Antelope rifle: Oct. 6-12
Deer rifle: Oct. 27-Nov. 6
Deer rifle: Dec. 1-14
Archery deer: Late November.
Clorado is noted for its big whitetails. Most deer tags are valid for either species, so you can take a big whitetail if you see one. Tags for whitetails only are quite easy to draw, but do not expect to see a lot of bucks though chances are good that if you see a whitetail it will be big.

This outfitter offers private-land hunting on land owned by his family and a neighbor south of Lamar, Colorado. He sometimes leases additional property and has access to more than 100,000 acres of private land.

This area is known for producing some outstanding mule deer, including some in the 200 class. The best buck taken in the past few years scored almost 200 B&C points and measured 30 inches wide. As is true with any mule deer hunt, the higher your standards the lower your chances of success, but most hunters see one or more mature four-point muleys scoring 160 to 180, and the lucky ones see a bigger animal.

Though you have an outside chance of killing a 15-inch antelope, the outfitter said you can almost count on taking a 12 to 14-inch buck.

Hunting pressure is limited by the state, which is why there are trophy-class muleys. You must draw a tag or buy a landowner voucher to hunt deer or antelope.

The outfitter usually gets two to four landowner permits for deer and three or four landowner permits for antelope. You can save money by drawing a tag. Most deer hunters with one preference point can draw the first deer season in late October and early November, and you need three preference points to draw the early December season. Antelope tags are usually easy to draw.