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Long-time outfitter offers high success for Colorado eastern plains muleys and whitetails

An outfitter we've known for about 20 years conducts highly successful trophy mule deer hunts on two large properties south of Kim, Colorado. The private land totals 28,000 acres. He takes only four or five trophy mule deer hunters and uses his other vouchers to take whitetail bucks or management mule deer, which are mature 3x3 and 3x4 bucks (not counting brow tines).

The result of this conservative management is that virtually every hunter has a chance to harvest a wallhanger. Muleys that score in the 160s and 170s are fairly common, and there are a few 180s and even some bigger bucks, including an occasional brute with an antler spread exceeding 30 inches.

Hunters stay on a ranch house on the property, which is managed in the state's Ranching for Wildlife program. That means he can take rifle hunters in November and December when the mature bucks are vulnerable.

Rich LaRocco of Hunts.Net hunted with this outfitter and took a whitetail in the high 180s gross score. He hunted mule deer one year on a ranch in the region and passed on some very good bucks while trying to kill a huge nontypical that had been seen on the property. It was killed the following year and scored 242 B&C points.

Exceptional bucks are taken yearly in southeastern Colorado, but record book deer are rare. Hunters who want to take a mature, representative buck are seldom disappointed.

Hunt MD3837

Hunt/ hunter:guide ratio Price
5-day trophy mule deer $6,000
5-day trophy whitetail deer $6,000
5-day management mule deer $3,000 (big 3x3 or 3x4)
Hunter success Trophy size
Most years all hunters score. Customers who hold out for the biggest ranch on the property might not score. Muleys range from 160 to 190s. Whitetails are commonly in the 130s to 150s with bigger bucks in the 160s.
Licenses Lodging/meals
Ranching for Wildlife vouchers permit hunters to buy a tag over the counter. Click here for the latest price Included in a ranch house on the property.
Travel Area
Fly to Denver, Amarillo, Texas, or Colorado Springs and rent a car for a drive of three to 3 1/2 hours. The outfitter sometimes can pick you up at the airport for an extra fee. 28,000 acres of deeded land near Kim, Colorado
Season Notes
November and December Mature bucks are quite common because all permits in the entire area are limited by the state.