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Hunt trophy mule deer in northwestern Kansas

This hunt has produced some big muleys, including bucks scoring 216 and 220, several in the 190s and many 180s.

This outfitter operates on private leases in northwestern Kansas. He leases about 50,000 acres of private ranches and farms in game management units 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Hunts.Net President Rich LaRocco hunted with him a few years ago, arriving at his home at 2:30 a.m., and he had Rich on a 30-inch-class buck at first light.

"Unfortunately," Rich said, "I had failed to pop a few caps to clean out residues of cleaning oil, and this caused my power to ignite poorly. At the shot, I felt absolutely no recoil, something that has happened to me once or twice on the practice range, and in those instances the bullet didn't even make it to the target, so I'm guessing that's what happened here. I saw the buck again but was unable to get a good shot, and he eventually wandered onto a neighboring ranch, where he was shot while crossing an open field. "

The outfitter himself hunted hit a big buck that was killed by a neighbor three days later. The rack scored 197 B&C. A look at the carcass showed that his broadhead had flown a bit high and barely had nicked one lung. His mule deer hunts are fully guided. You must first draw a whitetail tag and then apply for a mule deer stamp. If you draw a stamp, you must hunt with a muzzleloader if you're a non-resident.

There is a muzzleloader season in September, and you also may hunt during the December rifle season. Residents may use rifles to hunt muleys in Kansas.

You won't see dozens of bucks on this hunt. But if you're willing to be patient, this hunt offers a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime trophy.

This outfitter also runs a good whitetail hunt, offering semi-guided and guided hunts, and he also offers guided, semi-guided and unguided turkey hunts. You need four hunters for a self-guided turkey hunt. He also offers pheasant hunting for a daily rate.

Hunt MD3406
Hunt Price per person
6 days guided mule deer hunt, 1 hunter per guide. $8,000
Hunter success Trophy size
Typically runs from 50 to 75 percent. Most hunters hold out for one of the older trophy-class bucks, and most unsuccessful hunters get shooting opportunities. Most mule deer hunters have seen bucks in the 180 to 190 class, and most years the bigger bucks are 200 B&C or better. A few non-typicals over 225 B&C have been seen and killed in these zones.
Area Lodging/meals
Approximately 50,000 private acres scattered in Units 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Bunkhouse lodging and meals are included.
Season Travel
Muzzleloader only usually opens in September. You also may hunt with a muzzlelaoder for mule deer during the early December rifle season. The outfitter meets you in Hayes, Kansas
Licenses Notes
The hunt price does not include the hunting license or mule deer tag.  You must apply for a whitetail tag before you apply for a mule deer stamp, and the odds seem to be about 40 percent . Click here for state license and tag prices. Be prepared to shoot up to 200 yards. You may not use a scope during the muzzleloader only season in September, but you may use a scope in December.