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Montana trophy mule deer and muley/antelope hunt on huge private acreage; big whitetails, too

Long-time Hunts.Net customer Dave Asleson has hunted 14 times with this outfit, which controls 100,000 acres of private land in Powder River County. The reason is simple: He sees a lot of bucks, including some great trophy animals.

The rancher does not overhunt his land, which is why he gets such nice bucks. Over the past 21 years hunter success has been 98 percent. The best time to take a trophy buck is normally in November. Deer season opens Oct. 21, and the first two weeks are a good time to plan a combination antelope/mule deer hunt. Racks typically range from 24 inches to 27 inches with a possibility of taking a larger animal. Dave has seen bucks well over 30 inches.

You must draw a tag to hunt antelope, but the odds of getting a tag have increased in the past couple of years. Last year 90 percent of the outfitter's customers who applied for pronghorn tags drew. The application period is in June. Pronghorns typically run from 14 to 15 inches. If you would prefer to hunt whitetails than mule deer, the rancher has some excellent habitat. Whitetails typically score 140 or more B&C points.

"We have a lot of deer," the rancher said. "In a day you're usually going to see 15 to 25 bucks. We have some open gumbo breaks and some good, timbered, rugged country."

The rancher also offers an archery antelope hunt, and getting a tag is easy. You'll stay in the lodge. Success on the archery hunt is good, usually 75 percent or better with about half the bucks qualifying for Pope and Young.

Hunts.Net Customer Dave Asleson has taken this hunt many times. Click here to see pictures of his animals.

Hunt MD4102

Hunt/ guide ratio

Price per person

Mule deer or whitetail, 2x1

$3,500 4 days, $4,000 5 days

Mule deer or whitetail deer/antelope combo, 5 days, 2x1


Antelope rifle, 3 days, 2x1


Antelope bow, 4 days, 2x1


Area Licenses
100,000 private acres in Powder River County, southeastern Montana. You must apply for your deer tag before March 15. Some combination elk/deer tags are available over the counter after the drawing. You must apply by June for an antelope tag. Updated fees.
Lodging/ meals Hunting style
New lodge, meals are included Driving and glassing in mornings and evenings, mostly spot and stalk
Not included


Butcher services, taxidermy services, hunting license and tags Fly to Billings, MT, or Rapid City, SD, rent a car for the drive to the ranch.
Season/hunting dates Hunter success
Oct. 23-end of November for deer. Pronghorn season ends in October. 98% past 21 years. Most bucks score 150 to 170, occasionally bigger. The smaller bucks are typically 24 to 25 inches wide, and the bigger bucks are 27 to 30 inches wide, occasionally wider.