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Montana ranch takes only three hunters a year on 50,000 acres, resulting in outstanding trophy quality for mule deer and whitetail bucks

Hunt MD4118TR

Hunt Price per person/ hunter:guide ratio
Trophy mule deer or whitetail, 5 days $10,000 1x1, $9,200 2x1, $8,500 1x1
Hunter success Trophy size (B&C scores)
100% almost every year on big, mature bucks 2006: 216+ muley, 188 muley, 172 whitetail
2007: 184 muley, 195 muley, 177 whitetail
2008: 175 muley, 190 muley, 182 whitetail
Fly to Billings, rent a car for the drive to the ranch
Licenses Lodging/meals
Mule deer licenses are sold over the counter to outfitted customers. You must apply for an antelope tag. Click here for details. Ranch house or motel quarters and meals are included in the price of the hunt
Trophy size Area
Most bucks are 22 to 27 inches wide. Typical scores are 155 to 170. There are a few bigger bucks from 27 to 30 inches or more wide and scoring 170 to 200 B&C. Private leases covering more than 200,000 acres in Eastern Montana.
Season Notes
Combo hunts start Oct. 23 and Oct. 30. Muley rut hunts start in November. If you book a combo hunt and don't draw an antelope tag, the price of the hunt drops $500. 1x1 hunts are $1,000 extra

One of our best mule deer and whitetail hunts takes place on a 50,000-acre ranch. Conservative management has resulted in superb trophy hunting for both species. The outfitter takes only three hunters a year, and they have been highly successful. Here's how this hunt has produced during the past three years (gross scores):

2008: 175 B&C mule deer, 190 B&C mule deer, 182 B&C whitetail.
2007: 184 B&C mule deer, 195 B&C mule deer, 177 B&C whitetail.
2006: 216+ B&C muley, 188 B&C muley, 172 B&C whitetail.

"If a hunter is after a really big mule deer and doesn't want to go to Mexico, this is the hunt," the outfitter said. We have worked with the outfitter for about 20 years. He outfits on several ranches in eastern Montana, including his family's own property. Hunting is good on all his leases, but this one is special because of the extremely limited number of bucks taken off it each year. A 1x1 hunt (one hunter per guide) is $5,000 with a $5,000 trophy fee.

"Not everybody can afford a hunt like this," the outfitter said. "But those who can are amazed at the numbers and sizes of deer they see. If a guy would be happy with a representative animal, I have places where I can guide hunters for less than half what I must charge on this premium property, but this is the place if you want ther best chance of taking a Boone and Crockett caliber buck."