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Bow hunt mule deer on 60,000 private acres in New Mexico

This hunt takes place on two ranches that cover a combined 60,000 acres near Silver City in southern New Mexico. The terrain is rough desert and foothills country with a lot of brush in places.

"You see a lot of bucks," the outfitter said.

"But don't even come if you won't shoot a 22- to 26-inch buck that would score in the 150s, 160s or 170s."

Usually about one-third of the bucks killed are 26 inches or better, but most are in the 22 to 24-inch category, and the average is about 24 inches wide with a score in the high 150s or low 160s.

The Jan. 1-15 archery hunt is popular because the deer are often rutting and easy to spot.

We've worked with the outfitter for about 15 years.

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Hunt MDB4711
Dates Price
6 days in the Jan. 1-15 time period  $CALL
Hunter success Trophy size
Typically 50% to 80%. The biggest buck most years spreads 26 or 27 inches and scoring in the high 170s or low 180s and the smaller bucks mostly in the 20-inch class. Most bucks taken score in the 150s to 160s and range in spread from 22 to 24 inches.
Note Archery
Non-hunting companion is $200 per day, you can hunt in other months if the outfitter's schedule allows. Summer hunts are not recommended. The January bowhunters typically see a lot of bucks with 90 percent of archers getting an opportunity at less than 45 yards. Most hunters get four or five shots.
Lodging Travel
House or cabin on the ranch, meals in a cook tent, separate shower facility. Fly to Albuquerque, rent car for drive to Magdalena