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Easy-to-draw tags for outfitter clients

Hunt N.M. muleys in managed units

Don't overlook New Mexico for mule deer. Since the state went to a lottery tag system, hunting quality has improved with a higher percentage of mature bucks.

And the best part is you can get a tag this year instead of waiting for years as you would in most other Western states. That's because 10 percent of all tags are reserved for hunters who have booked with a resident outfitter, and those tags are easy to draw in our units.

Hunt MD4731XYZ

Hunt, date Price per person, hunter:guide ratio
Archery deer, 6 days, Jan. 3-8 or 10-15 $1,950 4x1, meals and lodging not included.

$2,450 2x1, meals and lodging not included

$3,450 2x1, meals and lodging included

A 1x1 hunt is $1,500 more than a 2x1 hunt

Rifle deer, 5 days, Nov. 5-9 or Nov. 19-23, 2016
Muzzleloader deer, 5 days, Oct. 22-26, 2016

Hunter success

Trophy size
Hunters can maximize their chances of taking a 4x4 or bigger buck by arriving in good physical condition and with the ability to shoot accurately under hunting conditions. Compared to most western mule deer areas, most of the terrain this outfitter hunts in New Mexico is relatively mild. Glassing and stalking is a good way to hunt in some parts of the state. In some units, deer stay mostly in brushy or tree-covered areas, so taking part in deer drives, hunting slowly through cover or driving a vehicle until animals are spotted are the primary methods of hunting. Most hunters who hold out and hunt five full days have chances to shoot bucks scoring 140 to 170 Boone and Crockett points, and there are a few bigger bucks. These units produce some bucks in the 170 to 200-plus range and an occasional buck over 30 inches wide, but you'll need to pass up a lot of deer and get lucky to take a big one.
License Lodging/meals
Application deadline: March 20. The hunting license and tag are not included in the hunt price. 10% of tags are reserved for clients of outfitters. You can plan to hunt, especially if we can apply you in three different units.

When included in the price of the hunt, we stay in old rental homes or wall tents or in a motel, depending on how far from town we decide to hunt. When meals are included, the outfitter pays for up to $35 per day for restaurant meals or the guides prepare the meals in camp. If there are six or more hunters in camp, a cook is hired.