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This hunt (Hunt MD4514PR) is no longer available

Drought conditions that led to poor nutrition and possibly predation have led to a drastically reduced deer herd in this area. The outfitter gave up these two leases. He still offers some excellent hunts at higher elevations about 60 miles southeast of these ranches. 2012 was an excellent year in that area, which was hurt by a bad winter in 2007 but has recovered nicely.

Hunt MD4514PR
Five-day hunt Price per person
1st hunt, early Sept. Unavailable
2nd hunt, mid-Sept. Unavailable
Hunter success Trophy size
Typicall 100%. Hunters who hold out for huge bucks typically pass on 175 to 185 class bucks. Best buck so far scored 217 B&C points. Though record-book bucks are a possibility, 175 to 185 class animals are more realistic.
Area Lodging/meals
Two private ranches in northern Utah. One covers 20,000 acres and is mostly high desert range with a new 50 to 100-acre alfalfa food plot going in for 2007. The other is a dry farm and high desert mountain with CRP and crop fields around it. That one is about 4,000 acres. Lodging in a ranch house are included. Meals are included in the price of the 1x1 fully guided hunt. No meals are included on the semi-guided hunt. A representative of the rancher or outfitter will show you around the property.
Dates Travel
Hunts usually start Sept. 1 and Sept. 12. Meet the outfitter at a motel near the Salt Lake City airport.
Licenses Notes
The hunt price does not include the license or tag fee. Click here for updated license fees. We've booked for this outfitter since 1987. Most hunters go back repeatedly. 6.75% sales tax is not included in the price.