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Top-notch outfitter takes only six mule deer hunters per year on 100,000 acres in Utah, resulting in excellent trophy hunting

This hunt takes place on 100,000 acres that are closed to the public in Utah. This land is open in August, when most of the bucks are in velvet and living in fairly open terrain. This hunt regularly produces bucks gross-scoring 175 to 190 B&C points, and it has yielded some bucks scoring 200-plus as well as some wide racks from 30 to 35 inches. The outfitter sells this hunt as a good opportunity to take a buck scoring 170 or better. However, bercause the land is managed conservatively with only six hunters a year, the deer have not been overharvested, you'll usually see a lot of bucks, and with the great moisture that the area has received this spring and summer the forage is in outstanding condition, so 2008 could be another good year. This hunt has produced a success rate of at least 90 percent for the past 20 years, and if a guy hasn't scored it's because he is holding out for a monster.

"Guys on this hunt often pass on deer that score 175 to 185 Boone and Crockett," theoutfitter said. "It seems like some guys want to hold out for 200 B&C or better, and while one of that size is definitely a possibility, this is an excellent hunt for somebody who wants to see some really good deer and realistically wants a good buck but not necessarily one that is big enough to go in the Boone and Crockett book. We don't even publish a picture of the 245 non-typical we got two years ago because we don't want people to think they could hold out and get one like that. But it's a really good hunt with a lot of ground for each hunter, and everybody sees very good bucks."

As is the case with most hunts, the better your physical condition the better your chances of taking an exeptional buck. But the outfitter can accommodate hunters who are in medium physical condition by driving them to high points and then hunting downhill. There are a lot of deer in the areas that are easier to reach, and if a hunter is patient, he stands an excellent chance of taking a once-in-a-lifetime wallhanger.

If you fly to Salt Lake City, you'll be advised to overnight at a hotel near the airport, then you'll be picked up in the morning and driven to the hunting site. You'll hunt that evening, the next four full days and the morning of the fifth day if necessary. Hunt dates in 2007 are Aug. 8-Aug. 13 and Aug. 14-19. If you drive, you'll be met at a town near the hunting area on the morning of the first day, and then you'll be driven to the camp and will begin hunting that afternoon.

Accommodations are a tent camp, featuring a 10x12 Springbar tent for each customer. Each tent contains a cot with mattress pad, lantern and propane heater, which usually is not necessary in August. A cook prepares and serves meals in a large wall tent. You do not need to draw a license, which is $375 and is not included in the price of the hunt.

Hunt MD4514GO
Hunt Price per person
5 days guided mule deer hunt, 1 hunter per guide. $9,500 + $375 tag
Hunter success Trophy size
Almost always six bucks for six hunters. Because the area produces some exceptional bucks, sometimes a highly selective hunter will pass up several mature bucks while holding out for a record-class animal. Bucks typically score 170 to 190 B&C, but this hunt has produced some great bucks, including several over 200 B&C as well as wide-racked bucks in the 30 to 35-inch class. The biggest deer taken so far scored 245 B&C, but holding out for a record-class buck is not recommended if you want to fill your tag.
Area Lodging/meals
100,000 acres closed to the general public in Utah. About 70,000 acres are ideal mule deer habitat. Only six hunters per year results in outstanding trophy size. Included in the price of the hunt. Each hunter has an individual 10x12 tent with cot, mattress, lantern and propane heater, usually not necessary in August. A cook prepares and serves meals in a dining tent.
Dates Travel
Aug. 8-13 and Aug. 14-19. You hunt the afternoon of the first day and the morning of the last day. The outfitter meets fly-in hunters at Salt Lake City, Utah, and hunters who drive at Wendover, Nevada.
Licenses Notes
The hunt price does not include the $375 license fee. We've booked for this outfitter since 1987. Most hunters go back repeatedly.