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Top-rated outfit consistently produces truly trophy-class Utah bucks

We've worked with this outfitter for 25 years, and he has consistently produced a high success rate on truly trophy class bucks on conservatively managed private ranches.

He takes so few hunters on each property that many bucks reach full maturity, allowing hunters to be extremely selective. Because he takes so few hunters on his ranches, the costs of his hunting leases are not divided among a large number of customers, so the hunts are expensive. Still, for less than most Dall sheep or Yukon moose hunts, you can enjoy the very best mule deer hunt that we offer in an area where you do not have to draw a tag.

The ranches are managed under Utah's Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit system, which means hunters can buy a tag over the counter and hunt earlier and later than general seasons.

On some properties the hunting takes place in September, when many of the big bucks have antlers covered in velvet and, hence, tend to avoid heavy cover and feed during the first and last of the day in open areas. Every year hunters take some big bucks by watching water holes during warm weather. The antlers are fully grown in September and hard beneath the velvet. Still other hunts take place in October and a few in early November.

Normally you must book a couple of years in advance to get a spot.

The guides spend a great deal of time pre-season scouting and know right where to hunt for your buck. The deer are not tame and are not raised or hunted behind high fences. Yet hunter success is high because of all the factors in favor of the hunter.

Even though hunters are encouraged to hold out for truly trophy-class bucks, hunter success is typically high.

On his largest ranch, where the outfitter asks hunters to pass on bucks that score less than 180 Boone and Crockett points and some hunters hold out for far bigger bucks, hunter success is usually at least 80 percent. His hunters have harvested many bucks that have scored more than 190 as well as numerous bucks that have exceeded 200 B&C.

On another ranch where he takes six hunters a year in September on 38,000 deeded acres, he wants hunters who will hold out for 190-plus. Still they usually kill three to five great bucks a year with at least two in the 200-plus class.

Unlike some trophy areas, the mule deer population is in excellent shape, and hunters see a lot of bucks. That makes it easier for a hunter to hold out for a true wallhanger.

The hunt price includes great meals as well as accommodations in a lodge or nice summer home. Some hunters get their own bathroom and bedroom, while on some hunts you can expect to share your room with one other hunter. One summer home/lodge has three bathrooms for six hunters.

"If hunters come with a good attitude and they're realistic but willing to hold out, they'll have a great hunt," the outfitter said.

Hunt MD4514TB

Large private ranches in northern Utah, 38,000 to 200,000+ deeded acres
$13,500 a person with one hunter per guide
Trophy size
We know of no other hunter with a better trophy size. Most hunters kill bucks that score at least 180, and some hunters hold out for bigger animals. Many bucks in the 190s and 200s have been harvested on this hunt. In this area tags have always been available on a first-come first-serve basis in June. You must book in advance because tags sell out the first day. Click here for updated prices
Lodging and meals Notes
Lodge or very nice summer home accommodations with meals prepared by a cook. The hunt price does not include sales tax, butcher and taxidermy fees, hunting license or tag.
Seasons Travel
Some hunts take place in September, others in October and early November. Fly to Salt Lake City, where the outfitter picks up hunters on most hunts.