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Landowner voucher available

Hunt big muleys in one of Utah's fine limited-entry areas

This hunt takes place in one of Utah's fine limited-entry mule deer units. These areas are managed by the state of Utah to provide quality hunting, and a few of these units offer selective hunters a chance to take a once-in-a-lifetime trophy.

We have worked with this outfitter for many years and trust him to put on a good hunt. He has all the equipment he needs, including livestock. He also scouts extensively.

Recently he told us about half a dozen or more bucks that he saw in the 180 and up Boone and Crockett class.

"Those bucks were in a part of the unit where nobody goes," he said. "So those bucks will be a bigger this year.

"We see lots of bucks in the 160 to 180 class on this hunt," he said. "But there are some much bigger bucks in the 180 to 200 class. I would expect a hunter who can hold out and who can hunt to see at least a couple of great bucks on this trip."

Hunt MD4514PR
Hunt Price per person
5 days guided mule deer hunt, 1 hunter per guide, meals and lodging included Expect to pay $7,000 or more, including landowner voucher
What to expect Trophy size
Hunters who are in good physical condition should see many bucks, including a few in the trophy class. The biggest bucks in this area usually score in the 190s or better. 30-inch bucks are shot yearly. 160 to 180 bucks are common, and bigger bucks are there but not as common
Area Lodging/meals
Public land managed by the state of Utah to provide quality hunting. Because tags are limited, both resident and non-resident, bucks get a chance to grow old enough to attain excellent antler growth. Lodging in a tent or trailer. Meals are included. Since it's just you and the guide, don't expect home-style meals. This is more like a spike-camp sheep hunt. If you want to stay in a motel and eat restaurant meals, you may do so, but those expenses are not included in the hunt price.
Dates Travel
mid- to late October Fly to Salt Lake City. Depending on the outfitter's schedule, you might be able to arrange to be picked up at the airport.
Licenses Notes
The hunt price does not include the state hunting license and deer tag. Click here for updated license fees. We've booked for this outfitter for more than 20 years.