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Hunt wild, free-roaming oryx or gemsbok in New Mexico

This hunt is offered by an outfitter who has more experience hunting wild oryx in North America than anybody else.

You must draw a tag to hunt some of his areas, and on private land you're allowed to buy depredation a tag over the counter. The tag-drawing hunt is less expensive.

Every year I hear of hunters who have drawn a tag, drove all the way to hunt on their own, and then did not score. You're wise to hire an experienced outfitter to make sure you maximize your chances of scoring.

In the past few years he has produced 25 bulls and a 90 percent hunter success rate on depredation hunts on private lands that border the White Sands Missile Range, and the public land hunters he has guided all have filled their tags. The application deadline last year was in early February.

Motel lodging and meals are extra. You must apply for these tags right away. Call if you're interested.

Oryx were released in New Mexico in 1969 and have thrived in the Southwestern desert. The venison is considered by many to be the best eating of all wild game.

Note: If you want to draw a tag, you must apply in February.

Hunt OR4731

Hunt Price
Tag-drawing hunt, 3 days, 1x1 $1,500 with no harvest fee
Depredation hunt, 6 days, 1x1 $2,850 plus $1,000 harvest fee
Area Not included in price
White Sands Missile Range in southern N.M. motel lodging and restaurant meals, $1,509 license and $100 White Sands permit..
Hunter success Lodging/meals
100% expected.  Outfitter has produced 90% hunter success on private-land depredation hunts, whch are more difficult than the White Sands hunt due to limited available hunting property. motel lodging and restaurant meals are not included
Licenses Trophy size
The $1,509 license is not included. Neither is a $100 federal access permit. Click here for details on applying. Applications can be made online and are due in February. If you don't draw, you can buy a landowner permit, which vary in cost from year to year. Bulls and cows both have impressive horns. Most oryx range from about 30 inches to 40 inches. The outfitter has produced the No. 3 North American free-ranging bull as well as the new No. 1 SCI record.
Travel Weapon
Fly to Albuquerque, rent a car to drive to a town near the Missile Range, where you'll meet your guide .30 caliber or larger rifle recommended. Bullets must be heavily constructed.