Hunt PG4429

Hunt No. PG4429

Price: $1,800 for three days

License: Almost 100% draw or leftover tags

Accommodations: included

Meals: extra fee

Scouting: Arrive a day early to have the rancher show you the ranch.

Bonus animals: Mule deer available (two openings a year) for $3,000. Muleys are typically 23-28".


Private land, unguided

This self-guided antelope hunt takes place in October on two small ranches in northern Wyoming. The hunt provider is a former outfitter who offers four trespass permits a year on his own property in Unit 17 and as many as five hunts a year on another ranch owned by a friend in Unit 15.

austin's antelope

Tags usually are left over after the drawing in these units.

Our clients who have been on this hunt have reported high success on average to exceptional antelope and average to above-average mule deer.

Pronghorns average 12-14" on these properties most years with exceptional bucks in the 15" and bigger class.