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Turkey hunts

Merriams, Rio Grande, Eastern, Osceola and Gould's in New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Florida and Sonora, Mexico.

Self-guided turkey hunts on private land in central Nebraska: Only $250 a person for a party of six. Call about Hunt TU4014.

Guided and self-guided Merriams gobbler hunts on private acreages in Units 1-5 in Northwestern Kansas
Eastern Montana:
170,000 acres are available for a three-day guided bow or shotgun hunt in mid-April for two birds. Lodging and meals are included. Hunters fly to Billings and rent a car to Forsythe. Hunt TU4107.

Southern Colorado: Over-the-counter tags, mid-April through May. 3 days only $750 including food and lodging. Hunt TU3837.

Hunt two Rio Grande turkeys on the same trip, private land in Kansas, $750 for three days, including lodging and suppers
One of our long-time outfitters has more than 10,000 acres of private leases in Units 15 and 16 in Kansas. He is offering a great price for a semi-guided turkey hunt that includes two gobblers. There's a special bow season designed to take advantage of toms before they hen up. Archery season is April 1-10. The shotgun season is April 11-May 31. All of his hunters in the past three years have taken at least one gobbler and most have shot two. Hunt TU3422.

Southwestern Montana mallard hunt on private leases along the Beaverhead River

Iowa farmland offers Eastern gobblers on 10,000 private acres.

Nebraska farmer offers self-guided turkey hunt: If you're looking for a place to hunt gobblers this spring, consider this farm in northcentral Nebraska. The place holds turkeys along a hardwood-filled hollow between agricultural fields. A party of four hunters can have exclusive use of the place. Accommodations are available in a bed and breakfast owned by the farmer and his wife. Call for updated price. Ask about Hunt TU3701.