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Trophy whitetail hunters: Two rifle tags for big Alberta bucks

The outfitter with his personal bucks, which he bow-killed in 2006 and 2008. You're invited to hunt with a rifle in the same area.

Hunt WD5224

Hunt Price per person, hunter:guide ratio
6-day whitetail deer rifle hunt $4,500 2x1 or $5,000 1x1
Hunter success Trophy size
"All hunters will get chances at mature bucks unless it's 70 degrees," the outfitter said. "All my bowhunters have shooting opportunities, and so I'm expecting high success on very nice bucks for my rifle hunters. I've been wanting to buy these rifle quotas, because they're in a great area." "Hunters who hold out should have an excellent chance of shooting a 150 or better buck," the outfitter said. "We get 150s and 160s all the time, and this area produces 180s, 190s, even 200s. My guide shoots a buck that scores at least 160 almost every year."
Licenses Lodging/meals
All licenses over the counter and are not included in the price of the hunt. Whitetail tags are about $275. Click here for the latest prices. You need a gun license to bring your rifle to Canada. See FAQ for details. Cabin lodging and meals are included in the price of the hunt.
Date Not included
Six day hunt starting Nov. 18. Plan to arrive the day before the hunt. 5% GST federal tax.
Area Travel
Wildlife zone 346. You'll meet the outfitter at the Edmonton airport.
This hunt is offered by a Canadian outfitter who specializes in bowhunting but has been wanting to buy the rifle quota in his area. Now he has leased a quota of two nonresident hunters for 2010 and expects to be able to show both hunters big bucks.

"These hunters will get to hunt where my bowhunters get 100 percent shooting opportunity," he said. "So I'm sure my rifle hunters will have an excellent hunt unless it's 70 degrees, which should not happen when I want to have the hunters here during our prime rut time in late November.

"This area produces bucks in the 180s, 190s and even 200s for the Boone and Crockett book, and the older bucks have great mass. My bowhunters are quite limited because we can't use bait and we have to get close shots, but they still do very well on mature bucks. Almost everybody sees bigger bucks than they get, and it will be fun to have some guys who can reach out there and do some damage.

"We have some tremendous whitetails, and you never know whether the next buck that comes out will be a massive giant. We've found sheds as big as 205 typical.

"The hunt this year will be Nov. 18 through 23, and those are full hunting days. You should arrive on the 17th and plan to leave for home on the 24th. That's right in the peak of the rut."

Dennis Ballweg of Kansas shot this buck with double drop tines . He saw bigger bucks, including one that would have scored in the 160s.