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Long-time outfitter offers trophy whitetail hunts in Slave Lake area, Alberta

This hunt if offered by an outfitter we have known for at least 15 years. A former biologist, he made a name for himself as a top-quality bear hunt operator and consistently produces big moose for his customers. But he also leases non-resident permit allocations for whitetails and does a good job of producing mature bucks for his customers.

He currently is offering hunts in the famous Slave Lake area, which is far enough from population centers that hunting pressure is light and bucks have a chance to get old and big.

To increase the odds of his customers' getting a big buck, the outfitter conducts hunts that are a full seven days long.

The price includes airport pickup at Edmonton, indoor accommodations and meals.

The federal sales tax (5% -- 2% after rebate) is not included. Licenses and tags are not included. There is a 5 percent tax on licenses and tags with no rebate.

You'll need a gun license to take your rifle to Canada. Click here for details.

Hunt WD5212

Hunt, guide ratio Price
whitetail, 7 days, 2x1 $4,500
whitetail, 7 days, 1x1 $6,500
Hunter success Trophy size
Usually 100% with three to nine hunters per year. 8 for 8 in 2009 on bucks ranging from 150 to 176 B&C points. Only one year in the past seven was less than 100% due to extremely warm weather. Most hunters in this area shoot bucks scoring 140 to 160, and there are quite a few bucks scoring 160 to 170 with the rare buck topping 170. Bucks in the 180s and 190s are taken in this area from time to time.
Licenses Lodging/meals
Click here for details. Indoor accommodations and meals are included.
Travel Area
Airport pickup at Edmonton is included in the price Slave Lake area of Alberta
Season Notes
November. The outfitter said the last two weeks are usually best. Federal sales tax, license and tags not included in hunt price.