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Farm country hunt offers high success on trophy whitetail deer and mule deer

Some of the largest whitetails in North America come from the fields and coulees near Stettler, Alberta, southeast of Edmonton. The mule deer quality also is excellent and getting better due to restrictions on resident hunting. The outfitter has all the deer tags in the units near his home, 15 whitetail tags and nine muley tags.

The outfitter has permission to hunt many ranches and farms, including those owned by relatives. He and his brother have both personally killed mule deer scoring more than 200 Boone and Crockett points and numerous big whitetails. They have box blinds on stilts in strategic locations for whitetails. They prefer to hunt during November.

Most hunters they have taken have got shots at whitetail bucks scoring 150 to 170 Boone and Crockett points. There have been a few bigger bucks taken in this area, including bucks that have scored more than 200.

"About five years ago the province decided to issue more mule deer tags to residents," the outfitter said, "and it made it harder to find really big bucks. But then they realized they had made a mistake, and so they cut the tags back three years ago. We've seen things rebound, and we expect to get back to where we are killing one or two bucks a year that score over 200."

Note that the leasing of hunting rights is illegal in Alberta. You'll be hunting private land the outfitter has permission to hunt, but he doesn't have exclusive hunting rights.

Hunt WD5205

Hunt Cost
10-day whitetail rifle hunt $5,000
10-day mule deer $7,500
10-day whitetail/mule deer combination hunt $10,500
Whitetail success Mule deer success
Averages 75% hunter success on bucks scoring 145 or more Boone and Crockett points. Bucks in the 160s are taken every year, and bucks in the 170 to 200 plus range area common enough to make things interesting Hunter success has averaged more than 90 percent on mature bucks with most of them scoring more than 180 Boone and Crockett points. The bigger bucks each year typically score 190 to 210.
What to expect Lodging/meals
Weather can be a major factor in November. In 2010 weather was ideal, so hunter success was 100 percent on both species. House or cabin lodging, home-cooked meals.
Travel Area
Free pickup at Edmonton airport Mixed prairie ranch and farm country east of Stettler, Alberta.
Season Licenses
November. No draw necessary. Click here for latest price