Hunt WD3853

Length: 5 to 7 days, guided or semiguided

Hunter success: 65-100% shooting, usually about two-thirds recover their bucks.

Usual trophy size


Lodging/meals: Semiguided hunts in all three states and guided hunts in Colorado do not include lodging or meals. Guided hunts in Nebraska and Kansas include lodging in a house or lodge, and meals are included, either restaurant-provided or home-cooked

Travel: Drive to the hunting area or fly to Denver and rent a car


Acreage: Outfitter has more than 22,000 acres leased for trophy deer hunting. Waterfowl hunting also available.

Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska

This outfitter offers trophy whitetail hunts on about 40,000 private acres in Unit 1 in northwestern Kansas.

Virtally all of his rifle and bow hunters get shooting at bucks and most of them take mature eight and 10-point whitetails.

He offers two types of hunting trips. His semiguided hunts are seven days long and are about half the price of a guided hunt. The outfitter provides a farm to each group of hunters. Semiguided hunters typically kill bucks that score 130 to 150 points. Food and lodging are not included.

Guided hunts take place on properties where the outfitter has pre-scouted bucks that score at least 150 Boone and Crockett points. Food and lodging is included.

Hunts take place near Hoxie and Selden. Guided hunters are transported to their stands in the mornings; they're picked up for lunch and then dropped off at a stand about 2 p.m. for the evening hunt.

He also offers semiguided whitetail hunts in Unit 127 near Lamar, Colorado. You must apply for a tag in Colorado by April 2, and you don't need any preference points and can draw on your second choice so that you can preserve your preference points. Colorado hunts do not include motel accommodations or meals and take place on 1,500 acres of private land. Bucks tend to score in the 120 to 140 range.

The outfitter also offers whitetail hunts at a 750-acre lease along the North Platte River in Nebraska. He controls about 1.3 miles of the riverbottom, which features cedars and cottonwood trees. The property is north of I-80 in the Platte unit and produces 120 to 140 class bucks.

The Nebraska property borders land that is controlled by some Louisiana hunters who pay big money for their leases and also borders cornfields on two sides. Hunters will stay in North Platte city about 20 miles away.

Nebraska archery tags and muzzleloader tags are sold over the counter. Rifle hunts are sold out in 2013. Bow hunts will take place during the last week of October and the first week of November. Muzzleloader hunts take place in December.

The neighboring properties are run by men from Louisiana that pay $10,000 a year. It borders 240 acres of cornfields on two sides.

The outfitter wants four bowhunters, two for one week and two for another week.

"I use ladder stands mostly," he said. "Most guys are scared of hang-ons but not ladders."