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Hunt whitetail deer on vast private leases in eastern Montana

Hunt WD4118

Hunt type

Price per person

5-day trophy whitetail deer hunt $4,000
Location Not included in price
More than 100,000 acres of private land in eastern Montana. The prime acreage along river and creek bottoms is more limited, so the outfitter takes very few whitetail hunters per yar. License, taxidermist, butcher, transportation to Glendive, Montana.
Application deadline, drawing odds Outfitter pickup
You're guaranteed a deer license if you book in time for you to make the March 15 purchase deadline. Glendive, Montana. You can fly to Butte and rent a car.
Hunting methods Hunter success
Mostly still hunting and spot-and-stalk hunting. Hunter success is usually 100 percent.
Trophy size Timing
Most bucks taken score 140 or more B&C points.  Most hunters who hold out should see several bucks from 135 to 150+. Hunting is best in Nov. The rut usually starts in earnest about Nov. 13 and ends after the season finishes on Nov. 30, but weather can affect rut timing. The bigger bucks do not move much during daylight in warm weather.

Here's a chance to hunt whitetail deer on some of the finest private habitat available in eastern Montana. We've known the outfitter for at least 15 years since he began outfitting on his family's own ranch, and now he controls more than 100,000 acres of private land. There is some excellent whitetail habitat on these leases, which also are home to pronghorn antelope and mule deer.

The land where you'll hunt is characterized by river bottoms with large hay and grain fields leading up to dry, rough, rolling grasslands with broken patches of trees and brush spread throughout the hills. He has riverbottom terrain along the following rivers: Yellowstone, Milk, Tongue, Powder, Missouri, Little Missouri and Musselshell. These drainages are nationally known for the fine whitetail hunting they produce, and you'll often see them mentioned in TV shows. In fact, one of our TV hunting customers, Huntley Ritter, has hunted with this outfitter.

The best time to hunt big whitetails in eastern Montana is during the November rut. The guides then can use binoculars to find your buck and then plan a stalk within range. Sometimes the guide will elect to jump the deer from bedding areas, moving bucks to where hunters can see them from vantage points.

The outfitter doesn't take many hunters for the amount of land he owns and leases, so almost everybody gets a buck scoring between 130 and 170 Boone and Crockett points with a spread of 16 inches or more.

You don't have to draw a tag to take this hunt, but you must book in time to buy the license before the March 15 deadline. You are guaranteed a tag through an allocation given to outfitter clients.

Lodging and meals are included on this hunt. Your guide will prepare the trophy for the taxidermist and the meat for the butcher.

The hunter:guide ratio is two hunters per guide.