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Columbia whitetail deer hunt only $3,500

If you have a hankering to take at least one of each North American big game animal, then Columbia River whitetail deer is on your list. These dainty little animals were considered threatened and were off limits to hunters for years, but they have rebounded well, and now a few landowner permits are issued. Most of the hunts sell for $6,500 or so, but we have one landowner permit available for $3,500, and that includes access to some prime land that holds a good population of bucks. The landowner said you should be able to take a mature buck. If you're selective, you should have an opportunity to take an eight-point Eastern count rack in the 95 to 120 range, possibly a bit bigger. The landowner's only hunter in 2008 and his only hunter last year each took nice bucks. Last year's hunter was Hunts.Net Customer Gordon Barr. He is pictured above with his buck. Click on the photos for bigger images. Call right away if you're interested in this hunt. The outfitter will let you park an RV near his home, or you can use his guest bedroom. He will show you the boundaries of the property and point out where he thinks you should concentrate on hunting. Gordon told us this was one of the best hunts he had ever experienced and highly recommended it. Hunt WD3324.

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Hunt WD3324

Hunt Price
Self-guided Columbia River whitetail hunt $3,500, including landowner voucher
Hunter success Trophy size
100% so far 95 to 120, possibly bigger
Licenses Lodging/meals
Included landowner voucher allows you to buy a tag. Price. Guest bedroom included, or you can camp on the property or bring your RV.