Hunt WD5324

6 days, any weapon

Call for 2016 price

Over the past 25 years hunter success has averaged about 85 percent.

Average size usually ranges from 140 to 152 B&C each year.

Most years the biggest bucks score 160-185.

Travel: Drive to camp or fly to Saskatoon. You can rent a car at the airport or use a private van service, which charges $175-$200 or so for a round trip.

Tree-stand hunting is effective, but he also employs blinds in fields, organized drives, and moving from place to place by vehicle and glassing.

Licenses: Over the counter for outfitter customers. License fee is not included in the price of the hunt.

Area: More than 200,000 acres of provincial forest and mixed farmland fringe property near Carrot River, Saskatchewan. No competition from other outfitters.

Lodging: Cabin near outfitter's home. Food at outfitter's home included.

High success on 140-180" bucks

This outfitter has maintained a high success rate for mature bucks for many years. Some years his average buck has scored 150 and 152 Boone and Crockett points, and even in a down year his hunters usually average in the 140 to 145 range.

His area, which is not far from Alberta, is known for producing giant whitetails, and his hunters have killed quite a few in the 170s and 180s, but bucks of that size are uncommon in Canada, regardless of what you might hear. His best buck scored 204 B&C.

Bucks in this area also have large bodies with mature animals weighing 240 to 300 pounds. Hunting over baits is legal in Saskatchewan, and that is probably the most effective method, but if you want to hunt in another way, the outfitter can accommodate you.

We have been working with the outfitter for many years. One reason he is successful is that he is a full-time outfitter except for a small amount of taxidermy work. He began guiding deer hunters in 1985.