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Hunting whitetail deer on intensively managed Texas whitetail ranches

This hunt takes place on several prime ranches that cover 1,500 to 4,500 intensively managed acres. They're all enclosed by game-proof fences to eliminate the loss of bucks to hunters on bordering properties. Bucks that don't seem to have the proper genetics to grow trophy racks are culled. The result is an abundance of trophy-class whitetails that range from 5 to 7 or more years old. It's common to see six to eight mature bucks each day. Trophy hunts vary in price according to the size of the buck you kill. On the trophy hunts, more than 90 percent of the trophy bucks have 10 or more points and their antlers spread from 17 to 24 inches or more. This is a first-class Texas hunt. You also can choose a less expensive management hunt for a buck that the outfitter or ranch manager thinks should be removed from the gene pool, such as a mature buck that has eight or fewer points. The outfitter reports seeing many management bucks that score in the 120s. The average buck taken on the management hunts runs between 115 and 130 green score with a 17" or better antler spread. Success has been 100% on both three-day hunts. You'll be picked up at the airport in Austin, San Antonio or Dallas. Hunt WD109.

Hunt WD2816
B&C antler score before deductions Base price Harvest fee
Management buck (100 to 129 B&C) $2,900 none
Over 130 $2,500 $4,000
Over 140 $2,500 $5,000
Over 150 $2,500 $7,000
Over 160 $2,500 $8,500
Over 170 to over 200 $2,500 $13,500 or more
Terrain Hunter success Lodging
Low rolling hills with dense brush 88 bucks for 88 hunters, 1998-2000 House on the ranch
 Trophy size Note
Average was over 155 B&C in 2000 with five over 175 and the biggest grossing 196 B&C. Avg. in 1998 was 152 B&C gross, avg. in '97 was 152 B&C gross (high of 163). A fourth day is free if needed. Non-hunting companion pays $200 per day.
Hint Travel
Bring binoculars, clothing for 30 to 75 degrees and camouflage above the waist Fly to El Paso, rent car, drive 3 1/2 hrs. to Marfa, Texas